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We’re glad to announce that Luzern, Switzerland-based rock band Izamanya have released a new EP, entitled Next

Izamanya is fronted by Iza Loosli, the lead singer whose expressive female voice gives the band a distinctive sound. Iza has also been the lead singer, songwriter, and producer in different bands as well, including other rock and metal projects. On guitars and bass is Many Maurer, a veteran in the Swiss music scene who is a former member of the band Krokus; and with its various projects, such as Ain’t Dead Yet, he is an experienced and acclaimed musician (as well as a producer, songwriter & engineer). Also on guitars is Remo Cadalbert, who had played in various other bands before joining Izamanya in 2018 to complete their sound with his shredding guitar riffs. And on drums is Peter Haas, who was already playing with Many Maurer during the Krokus era; this collaboration never broke, and a deep friendship developed.

Since releasing their first official CD, Second Life, in 2017, Izamanya have played several concerts in Switzerland as well as abroad. 2018 saw the release of their album Pure & Naked, which features acoustic live tracks (and includes an acoustic version of the song “Back To Life” from their latest release, Next). And then in 2019, Izamanya played a package tour throughout Switzerland, the Under One Hat Tour #1.

Throughout 2020 and 2021, when there were no gigs due to the pandemic, Izamanya were back in the recording studio working on their newest release, Next. They composed the song drafts and recording demos for the album in their own recording studios, before then diving into the themes and lyrics for the EP, striving to capture the moments and colors of life as it was at the time. Izamanya were also working during this time on their upcoming album to be released soon, entitled Suction, as well as on an additional upcoming vinyl release, entitled Massive. All of these efforts have brought the band’s hearts together even more, and there will be much more of Izamanya’s music to be heard soon.

Next immediately draws the listener in with the overdriven guitar riffs of “Back to Life,” while Iza’s extraordinary raspy female vocals soon join in, nicely building on the track’s compelling retro rock melodies. At the same time, the drums and bass send the perfect kickass grooves to sustain the song’s wonderful hard rock/metal sound. Next is “I Still Believe,” which is introduced by metallic riffing and soaring guitar leads, creating an atmosphere that is powerful and uplifting; while the song’s impressive lyrical passages and anthemic choruses then carry the song’s energy to new and exciting heights. The dynamic third track on the EP, “Speed,” features thought-provoking lyrics and powerful, chugging riff-led passages—as well as more reflective moments highlighted by complex guitar chord progressions and virtuosic soloing; while the final track, “Beam Me Over,” is a more introspective song in which captivating vocal melodies are nicely underscored by soulful, clean-toned electric guitar progressions. 

A very enjoyable listen and a testament to Izamanya’s musical creativity and versatility, Next further advances the band’s impressive sound. Combining influences from several subgenres of rock and metal, the EP nevertheless sounds completely original and inspiring. Highly recommended.

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