The Mars McClanes “Day Is Done”

We’re glad to announce that Portland, United States-based indie rock band The Mars McClanes have released a new single, entitled “Day Is Done.”

The Mars McClanes formed in the early ‘00s and were part of the vibrant music scene in Dallas, Texas at that time. Having reconvened in 2020, they’ve since been writing and recording new songs—including three other great singles released earlier this year: “Riddle,” “The Worriers” (our review here), and “Wherever You Go” (our review here).

Last Friday, The Mars McClanes released their latest single, “Day Is Done.” The song is about that moment in your 20s when you finally understand that the kind of love you earn over time beats the kind that you rush into. It was recorded at Southern Comfort, a studio built into the former Nashville home of Outlaw Country icons Waylon Jennings and Jessi Coulter. “We wrote this song under the influence of a Jackopierce concert we went to the night before, so the original demo was just a big stack of acoustic guitars,” recalls guitarist Russ. “The version we recorded at Southern Comfort hits harder and draws more comparisons to OneRepublic and The Fray.

We’re looking forward to playing this live,” frontman Brian Corley adds. “Because we’ll get to turn on more guitar pedals. Like all of them.

“Day Is Done” begins with bright acoustic guitar melodies buoyed by layered rhythms and resounding bass notes, together creating a pleasantly upbeat vibe. As the first verse begins, the song’s plaintive vocal melodies and contemplative lyrics nicely accompany the acoustic guitars, while adding a tinge of melancholy that brings about a compellingly introspective atmosphere. The second verse then leads into a dynamic chorus featuring powerful backing vocals and electric guitar licks, followed by echoing electronic effects that bridge perfectly into the next verses and the concluding chorus.

Through “Day Is Done”‘s poetic lyrics and engaging melodic progressions, the song impressively conveys both a pensive reflection upon the past and an optimistic view of the future. “Day Is Done” is also quite an enjoyable listen throughout, again showcasing The Mars McClanes’ brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship; and I would highly recommend this track to fans of alternative- and indie rock alike.

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