These musicians from Mars have left their home-world and landed in Earth’s landscapes once again to bring us more musical offerings. “Wherever You Go” is an uplifting track that vibrates with gratefulness and the cherish of all that what we’ve already have. LISTEN NOW!

Going in the same romantic line of Cheap Trick’s The Flame, or even Every Breath You Take without the creepy undertones, The Mars McClanes have returned once more with a track that aims not towards negativity, but the celebration of life… and road trips!

This is a song that is both fun and youthful with a wild spirit, so get ready to oogie boogie! With a Rock & Roll foundation, “Wherever You Go” mixes the old with the new to create a perfectly hyped ambient filled with vintage-sounding guitar riffs, exciting bass, and an untamed beat of the drums.

But it’s not all frenzy playing, as the track later presents a more relaxed bridge of mellow melodies and sweet vocals. The combination of elements make of the song a really pleasing listening experience, wether you’re hitting the road, or are at home with the windows down.

“Every summer needs a song about the open road, and this is ours

– The Mars McClanes

This is their third single release, following their tracks “Riddle”, and The Worriers, which we’ve reviewed on the blog! Brian Corley and Russ Chapman co-wrote the song before flying out to Nashville, TN to record with drummer Paul Constantine in the basement of Waylon Jennings’ old house, Southern Comfort.

Brian Corley, from The Mars McClanes, was kind enough to send us a detailed insight into their track, and you can read it only here!

Wherever You Go is one of those songs that came together quickly. I’d been sitting down to hammer out songs for thirty minutes or so every morning while we were in the process of writing new stuff, but I don’t think I needed more than ten minutes or so for this. Portland winters are dark, man, but the sun was out, so I was in a good mood.

This song is all about the road trip. They’re always fun to plan—who can go, who’s going to go, how many cars are we taking? Wherever you’re going is important, of course, but it’s always the trip there and back where all the stories come from.

As far as the future, we have plenty more songs coming. Second Friday of every month, and we can’t wait for you to hear what’s next!

The Mars McClanes are Russ Chapman, Paul Constantine, and Brian Corley.

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