The Mars McClanes – “The Worriers”

A 70’s grooved Alt-Indie Rock track that delights with its loosen vibe and 00’s energy. “The Worriers” is an ode to all of us too afraid to make a move, a cautionary tale for the overly cautious. Listen right now!

Hello and welcome back my dear friends. I hope you had an excellent weekend and that this week brings a lot more joy and satisfaction. We will start with the right foot today, as The Mars McClanes, a veteran band formed in the 00’s makes an outstanding comeback after a long hiatus to celebrate their 21st anniversary. The Mars McClanes are legal now! Hurray!

Lean into the wormhole and gaze back at the bubbling cauldron of Dallas’ music scene in 2001. The Toadies released their second album and broke up. The Old 97’s put out Satellite Rides and ended their major label run. A few rungs down the scene’s ladder, The Mars McClanes were chugging along.

Long story short, the Portland-based band had a good run, until they didn’t. Scary accidents and 9/11 happened. One of the members even ran off to join the military. It wasn’t until 2020, that the band reconvened, with the scar-tissue of two divorces, military deployments and the whatnot’s of life.

“The Worriers” is one of their most recent material, and it carries a great cautionary message within it. A reminder that sometimes one shot is all we have. Mistakes come and go, but missed opportunities mostly never repeat themselves. It is the band’s most alternative track up to date, as they are essentially a alt-country band that’s easily distracted by other genres.

“My grandmother lived to be 99, so I spent most of my teenage Sunday afternoons at an assisted living facility listening to an elderly gang obsess over their life’s regrets,” Chapman recalls. “It wasn’t their mistakes—what ate them were the chances they failed to take. ‘The Worriers’ is our cautionary song for the cautious.”

The track comes with a funky groove that breaks from time to time. A melodious banger with a retro-feeling. A nice parade of simple melodies that turn into an acoustic laid-back anthem. “The Worriers” may be the track of the month, but we’ll let you decide.

In life, we screw up. But in the end, most of our regrets will be the chances we didn’t take.

– The Mars McClanes

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