The Freight “Overrated”

We’re glad to announce that Boston, United States-based rock band The Freight are releasing a new single, entitled “Overrated OUT NOW!!!

The Freight are Adam Tiro (guitar, lead vocals), Stephen Anderson (bass), Greg Tragellis (keys, vocals), Marc Loverin (drums), and John Marinilli (percussion). Since entering the studio in 2020, they’ve released six previous singles, including “Found” (our review here) and “Fly On” (our review here). The Freight have continued their hard work during 2022, recording three singles that are taking their music to the next level! 

The first of these new tracks to be released is “Overrated,” which was co-written by Adam Tiro from The Freight along with Nick Asta, the drummer for national-touring American reggae band The Elovaters. Nick had told Adam about a killer chorus he was working on, and shared it with him to collaborate. Adam then wrote the verses and brought the song to The Freight for arrangement, and what they came up with is a complete banger of a song! Drawing influence from several subgenres of rock, “Overrated” is about that relationship that you’ve been dying to have work out; you’ve put in the work, but it is just not happening and you eventually discover that this whole love business is, well, overrated! 

The song begins with a distorted guitar riff punctuated by bright piano notes and compelling rhythms from the drums and bass, its melodies immediately catchy and intuitive to the listener while at the same time impressively capturing the bittersweet emotion conveyed through its lyrics. As the first verse of “Overrated” begins, the song’s captivating vocals remind me of ‘80s rock bands like Journey, while they are accompanied by powerful guitar chords and echoing piano notes. The verse leads wonderfully into a bridge section highlighted by uplifting rhythms and a rocking guitar riff, which in turn builds perfectly towards the song’s anthemic chorus. After another engaging verse and bridge, the second chorus leads into an amazing piano-led instrumental section that reminds me of jam bands such as the Grateful Dead, before the chorus returns once more to nicely conclude the track.

Continuing The Freight’s exciting journey in modern rock n’ roll, “Overrated” is quite an enjoyable listen throughout, once again demonstrating their brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship. I would highly recommend this track to fans of rock n’ roll, pop rock, indie rock and alternative rock alike.

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