Smoke Spider “Desolation”

We’re glad to announce that Gothenburg, Sweden-based alternative rock duo Smoke Spider have released a new single, entitled “Desolation.”

Smoke Spider is the music project of Göran Florström (vocalist & lyricist) and Johan Granat (producer & all instruments). Having known each other since the mid-90s, when they were bandmates in Cloud Catchers, Göran and Johan were glad to reconnect and create music together again. Smoke Spider have so far released six great singles throughout 2021 and 2022, including “You’re Wearing Me Out” (our review here) and “The Damage Is Done” (our review here).

“Desolation” is their latest single, featuring the duo’s characteristically strong melodies and groove. Lyrically, the track explores the theme of finding an exit when your whole being is screaming for relief and redemption, and you’re looking for that wormhole in reality’s web through where you’ll get to that “somewhere else-place” where the pain that’s keeping you on your toes will die down and let you put your naked feet on the ground.

The song begins with a contemplative, effects-laden guitar progression, which is nicely accompanied by the introspective vocal melodies that soon join in. Eerie strings bring about a foreboding mood that perfectly underscores the lyrics about wanting to escape. As upbeat percussion then enters the mix, it foreshadows the energetic bridge section that follows, bringing a change of pace to the track while highlighted by atmospheric guitar leads and captivating vocal melodies.

As the bridge builds upwards with compelling energy, it culminates with a groovy chorus in resolution, featuring brisk rhythms and a catchy distorted guitar chord progression that later harmonizes quite well with airy synth melodies. The chorus then leads seamlessly back into another dynamic bridge section in conclusion, with the final distorted guitar melodies fading out at the end of the track.

“Desolation” is quite an enjoyable listen throughout, once again showcasing Smoke Spider’s brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship. I would highly recommend this track to fans of alternative- and indie rock alike.

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