Abandon the Fall “Devours You”

We’re glad to announce that Houston, United States-based solo project Abandon the Fall has released a new single, entitled “Devours You.”

Abandon the Fall is a music project fronted by Juan Espinoza, and backed by collaborative and featured works alike. Juan started this solo music endeavor in 2018, inspired by alternative- and nu metal bands such as Korn, Linkin Park, Nine Inch Nails and Deftones—some of whom have directly influenced Abandon the Fall’s sound.

Abandon the Fall have so far released two EPs and five singles, including 2021’s “Exhale” (our review here). Like “Exhale,” Abandon the Fall’s latest single, “Devours You,” was co-produced alongside Dayshell (Shayley Bourget, ex-clean vocalist, bassist, and guitarist for the band Of Mice & Men). Dayshell also wrote, recorded and mixed the song. 

“Devours You” is a back-and-forth conversation with someone who is going down a dark path in life. In assessing the situation and trusting his own judgment, the vocalist knows all too well that offering any help or involvement will only result in him being consumed as well. The vocalist is not the hero that he’s being sought out to be, and he ultimately goes against his morals, knowing that the individual is not committed to changing for the better.

Abandon the Fall’s latest single is also accompanied by a lyric music video, which you can check out here:

The song begins with a hauntingly echoing electric guitar melody, while powerful drum rhythms soon join in along with crushing walls of distortion underscored by ethereal synths and resonant low end, setting the track into a dynamic rock groove. Dayshell’s impassioned vocals then build perfectly on the song’s melodic themes throughout its compelling lyrical passages, which surge with high-octane energy.

A captivating rock anthem, “Devours You” is quite an enjoyable listen that once again highlights Abandon the Fall’s brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship. Highly recommended to fans of alternative rock.

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