Joe Wilkinson “Let Me Know”

We’re glad to announce that Costa Blanca, Spain-based singer-songwriter/producer Joe Wilkinson will soon be releasing a new single, entitled “Let Me Know,” OUT NOW!!!.

Joe Wilkinson has played over 500 shows throughout England, Spain and Germany, worked with Netflix, supported Grammy award-winning artist Lauren Daigle on the Berlin leg of her European Tour, was the winner of ‘Songslams’ in Berlin, Frankfurt and Karlsruhe, and has been featured on numerous music blogs and curated playlists. Joe’s latest single, “Let Me Know,” follows the success of previous releases, which have received coverage from BBC Radio 2, BBC 6 Music, Digital Tour Bus, Rising Artists Blog, Gifted Balance Records, Find No Enemy, Send Me Your Ears, The Wild is Calling, Roadie Music among several others. 

The second of four planned releases for 2022, “Let Me Know” was originally written in 2017 after Joe had recently moved to Berlin. The song was written out of frustration, as Joe had recently parted company with an associate in the music industry and was left feeling cut adrift, as many young artists do; yet despite feeling dejected and frustrated, he remained determined and confident in his material. Achieving success is especially difficult in a heavily saturated creative field such as music, and “Let Me Know” tackles the theme about persevering in spite of hardships, with the message, “I’m going to do it anyway and it’s going to happen with or without you.”

Recorded and produced by Joe in his home studio, the song was later mixed and mastered by talented producer Will Davies; and the drums were performed by Joe Demers. All the guitar parts were performed on an acoustic guitar, and all instrumentation aside from drums were performed by Joe, as were all the harmonies and vocal parts. The artwork for the single was created by artist Julie Thomas, and the typography and design were created by designer Ilan Kania.

For first-time listeners, Joe writes:

Hello! Thank you for checking out the blog. My name is Joe Wilkinson, I’m a British singer/songwriter/producer and loop pedal artist, currently living on the Costa Blanca, Spain. For as long as I remember music has been a passion of mine, but I am now in the fortunate position to be able to make a full living from my music, mainly through playing live shows. My new single ‘Let Me Know’ is releasing on the 29th July and I’m really excited for it! My last single ‘Water to Wine’ was a more melodic acoustic song, and whilst I really enjoyed making it, with ‘Let Me Know’ I was able to let the rock and blues influences out, whilst maintaining my acoustic sound. Have a listen when it drops and see what you think.” LISTEN NOW!!!

I’m also really active on Instagram, I post everyday @joewilkinsonmusic, so if you enjoy the track then come over and let me know, it’s always great to hear from you!

“Let Me Know” begins with layered acoustic guitar melodies underscored by resonant bass notes and upbeat drumming, together creating a compelling rock groove rooted in the blues. Joe Wilkinson’s powerful vocals and stacked harmonies soon join in, complementing the melodic themes with evocative lyrics throughout the track’s introspective verses and dynamic choruses; while a captivating guitar solo later builds nicely on the song’s optimistic chord progressions, leading perfectly into a memorable concluding chorus.

“Let Me Know” is quite an enjoyable listen, highlighting Joe Wilkinson’s brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship. I would highly recommend this track to fans of blues and indie rock alike.

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