Red Eye Orchestra “Dirty Old Dawg”

We’re glad to announce that Atlanta, United States-based rock band Red Eye Orchestra have released a new single, entitled “Dirty Old Dawg.” 

Red Eye Orchestra are AJ McKenney (vocals/bass), Christian Robert (vocals/guitar), Lincoln Herring (keys/trumpet), Will Pfleger (guitar), and Jake Handley (vocals/guitar). They formed their band in 2020, shortly before the COVID pandemic began. Determined to collaborate remotely and write music during that time, Red Eye Orchestra have since performed at many local bars and at Atlanta’s most famous rock club, The Masquerade—as well as having recorded and worked together to create amazing music.

The band draws inspiration as much from jam bands like the Grateful Dead, String Cheese Incident, and Widespread Panic as they do from pop/punk/alternative bands like Green Day, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Nirvana. In this way, Red Eye Orchestra fuse the sing-along nature and simple sensibilities of pop-punk with the psychedelic jams and extended soloing of festival bands.

“Dirty Old Dawg” is Red Eye Orchestra’s latest single, from their upcoming album Wishing Well. With an infectious hook and a virtuosic call-and-response solo between an electric guitar and a trumpet, this track embodies Red Eye Orchestra’s eclectic style, balancing their jam influences with their pop sensibilities. A goofy and eclectic song, “Dirty Old Dawg” sounds heavier, punchier, and DIRTIER than any track they’ve released thus far. “This song is about good dogs and bad exes,” the band says about the single. 

“Dirty Old Dawg” was recorded in a home studio and produced, mixed, and mastered by Christian Robert and Jake Handley (two of the band members). The single is available on all streaming platforms, and is accompanied by an official music video available on Youtube (with the band members dressed in dog costumes!):

The track is introduced by a distorted bassline, while bright piano notes, steady drums, and searing blues-inflected guitar leads soon join in to send the track into an energetic rock’n’roll groove. As the first verse begins, powerful guitar licks echo the song’s catchy vocal melodies in a call-and-response manner—leading perfectly into the chorus, where shouted backing vocals build nicely on the song’s playful atmosphere. Midway through “Dirty Old Dawg,” improvised trumpet- and guitar solos (recorded simultaneously in the studio) then intertwine together, building off each other’s dynamic melodies and leading nicely into the song’s final verse and chorus to conclude the track.

Red Eye Orchestra wanted their upcoming record to sound as vintage and analog as possible, while retaining a clean modern mix; and their single “Dirty Old Dawg” attains this goal with its clear yet rugged sound. It’s also quite an enjoyable listen, highlighting Red Eye Orchestra’s brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship; I would highly recommend this track to fans of jam bands and pop/rock alike.

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