Echo Coast “Last Chord”

We’re glad to announce that West Sussex, United Kingdom-based artist Echo Coast has released a new single, entitled “Last Chord.”

Echo Coast is the music project of singer-songwriter James Hobbs. Inspired by a diversity of musical influences—from ‘60s music to motown, punk, indie, and even hip hop—Echo Coast has been a featured artist on BBC Introducing and has had radio play on local and worldwide radio stations. After releasing the Fear & Loathing, Vol. 1 EP in February 2021, Echo Coast has since released four new singles, including “Easy Way Of Livin’” (our review here) and “Symphony Of Sound” (our review here). 

Recorded at Ford Lane Studios with producer Rob Quickenden, Echo Coast’s most recent single, “Last Chord,” is part of an EP to be released next year. “Last Chord was recorded late last year and will form part of a soon to be released EP that will feature Easy Way of Livin’, Symphony of Sound and Drinkin’ in Berlin,” James Hobbs says.

An atmospheric indie song, “Last Chord” is a perfect track to end the night or play on a road trip. It’s an emotional song about the end of something (a relationship, friendship etc.), yet it also has an element of optimism with the understanding that time moves forward. 

Describing the creative process and meaning behind “Last Chord,” Hobbs tells us, “Last Chord came about when experimenting with effects pedals and vintage amps. It’s a song about endings and new beginnings I guess. How we shift and change and move on. It’s also accepting that some things don’t last forever but that life keeps going until we reach that end. I guess there’s a bit of overcoming adversity in here too.”

“Last Chord”’s wistful melodic progressions are driven by upbeat percussion and slightly distorted rhythm guitar chords underscored by deep bass notes—evoking a bittersweet feeling that perfectly accompanies the complexity of emotions expressed through the song’s poetic lyrics. Atmospheric sustained guitar notes during the melancholic verses bring about a distant, contemplative sensation, building quite well on the song’s introspective mood; while during the compelling bridges and choruses, layered guitars awash in reverb and distortion convey an empowering sense of optimism that nicely reinforces the lyrics about pushing on towards the future despite the hardships.

“Last Chord” is quite an enjoyable listen throughout, highlighting Echo Coast’s brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship; I would highly recommend this track to fans of indie rock.

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