Echo Coast- “Symphony of Sound”

Echo Coast is an English project carried out by singer-songwriter James Hobbs. Previously featured in this blog with his previous single “Easy Way Of Livin“, today we present “Symphony Of Sound“, an indie rock feel good song that invites the listeners to leave their worries behind and band together to play a symphony of sound. We may feel lost, but Echo Coast has found a way to lift our spirits.

Echo Coast is heavily inspired by genres such as Americana, Motown, and grunge and the music from the 60’s. However, his main inspiration is life in the South Coast of England: its people, its regions, its history, its beaches and oddities. As a result, Echo Coast’s sound is one that paints a picture of the calmness of the coast and the energy of youth. We are at a sunny beach, with the sound of the waves in the background, while sitting around a fire with our friends, singing awesome tracks.

“Symphony of Sound” was recorded in Ford Lane Studios alongside Rob Quickeden. It is folk-indie track whose elements band together to create an overall optimistic mood. At first, Hobbs’ sings about feeling down, as if we had a stone stuck in our shoe. The chorus then picks up the mood: as the bright chords from the guitar blend with the vocals, we feel as if the skies clear and the heat from the beach touched us . We get surrounded by sound. “We are lost until we’re found” sings Echo Coast. All we need is a symphony of sound.

Release day Friday August 20th 2021

In a way, “Symphony of Sound” is a celebration of how humans are able to come together in difficult and uncertain times. We can overcome any danger, any ups and downs. The single is also a celebration of that moment, of a success we are able to share with everybody. Echo Coast delivers a contagious happiness directly to our ears! Give it a listen if you are feeling down (or even if you are not)!

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