Lockdown Co. – End of Chapter

We’re glad to announce that London, United Kingdom-based rock duo Lockdown Co. release a brand new EP, entitled End of Chapter, out now!!!

Lockdown Co. is comprised of Lloyd Meeks (guitars, production) and Doug Rimington (drums, bass guitar). As former work colleagues laid off due to the impact of coronavirus, the duo started their band during the first lockdowns of 2020, marking the beginning of a music project that they had always talked about. The band is influenced by hard rock, progressive metal, grunge and instrumental artists such as Tides From Nebula, Alice in Chains, Toska, and Royal Blood among others. 

Having released a string of singles during 2020 and 2021, as well as being featured multiple times in the Camden Live Zombie Horse gig series and livestreams, Lockdown Co. are now ready to release their new EP. End of Chapter signals the end of a particular phase for the band; they have been an instrumental duo to date, however they’re now branching out into different musical styles with a vocalist—and the EP is representative of their musical journey over the past 2 years. End of Chapter was produced entirely remotely, with the tracks virtually written and composed, and finally produced in Lloyd’s home studio in north London.  

The EP begins with “4×12,” which taps into the band’s progressive metal inspirations with atmospheric, layered guitar melodies and hard-hitting rhythms from the bass and drums, culminating in a screaming guitar solo before concluding with the sound of radio static. The powerful guitar tone and majestic sound of the intro track to End of Chapter remind me at times of Elder, who are also known for pushing the boundaries between music genres, and are one of my favorite modern progressive rock/metal bands. The next track, “Double Tap,” is laden with heavy-hitting prog guitar riffs throughout its dynamic and melodic instrumental passages, and features brilliant use of a wah pedal during its captivating guitar solos. 

“Chilli Infused” then ventures into blues and funk territory, changing the mood entirely while further demonstrating Lockdown Co.’s protean ability to move between genres with impressive versatility. The track maintains an element of heaviness with a distorted guitar tone, yet delves into groovy jazz fusion sounds and even psychedelia with its wah-drenched guitar leads.

“Frontier” then explores more ambient soundscapes, with its dynamic song structure and clean-toned atmospheric guitar melodies bringing to mind progressive rock bands like Dream Theater, while its searing guitar leads and melodic sensibilities are also reminiscent of grunge artists such as Alice in Chains. The EP then concludes with the title track, “End of Chapter,” which is driven by hard rock guitar riffs and propulsive rhythms from the drums and bass, nicely underscoring the song’s impressive wah-laden guitar solos.

End of Chapter abounds with a vast array of musical influences, showcasing Lockdown Co.’s penchant for crafting brilliant instrumental music that is highly enjoyable and engaging. While drawing from genres such as progressive metal and hard rock, End of Chapter nonetheless finds its strengths in sounding completely original, as this impressive up-and-coming duo bring exciting new sounds to fans of many different musical styles.

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