Galactic Fuzz “Transparent”

We’re glad to announce that Las Vegas- and Miami, United States-based psychedelic-tinged alt rock cosmonauts Galactic Fuzz have released their debut single, entitled “Transparent.”

Galactic Fuzz are Javier Guell (guitar, songwriting, lead vocals, keys), Jorge García (bass), and Ricardo Mere (drums). Inspired by underground rock heroes such as Pavement, Granddaddy, Dinosaur Jr., and Failure, they fuse 90’s alt grunge influences with melodic pop psychedelia.

Three longtime friends who happened to also be experienced musicians in the independent music scene, the trio formed Galactic Fuzz in Miami in 2019. Before that, Javier Guell had played music with Jorge García in a Miami-based Rock in Spanish band called Soniko from 2001 until 2011; Soniko had two videos in rotation as “Buzzworthy” in MTV Español, toured the USA, and played at music conferences such as SXSW and LAMC. Ricardo Mere is Jorge’s cousin, and has also been Javier’s friend for decades. Ricardo and Javier also played together with solo artist Dama Vicke, who’s showcased her music at the FIMPRO Guadalajara, played several shows across the US and Mexico, was named songwriter of the year in 2018 by Miami New Times, and has won several awards at conferences around the world for her songs and videos. 

Galactic Fuzz are set to release their debut self-titled album later this fall on October 28th, with several singles planned to be released along the way. The album was self-produced with Roger Izaguirre (backing vocals, keys) from Earplay Studios in Miami, who also tracked drums and mixed the album.

Describing the inspiration for their upcoming self-titled album, vocalist/guitarist and songwriter Javier Guell says:

 “I’ve always loved singing, but had mostly been a backup singer and lead guitar player in all my bands. The inception for Galactic Fuzz was my decision to sing my own songs for a change, as I had always written for others to sing.

The name of the band comes from my fascination with science fiction works by the likes of Isaac Asimov, Arthur C Clarke, and Frederik Pohl, and some of our sounds and lyrics influenced by that, even if not apparent at the surface.

You can call us an Alternative Rock band but it’s an oversimplification of the truth. We all have varying influences. Our drummer Ricky comes from a school of punk bands but also plays blues and loves jam bands. Jorge grew up with Classic Rock and hard rock and metal from the 80s and 90s.

Galactic Fuzz’s lead single from the album, “Transparent” (released August 26th), blends the power and tension of grunge with Britpop sensibilities. Opening with bursts of feedback and noise, the song then jumps right in with a slightly melancholic, grunge-inspired distorted guitar chord progression, underscored by deep bass notes while sustained by dynamic rock rhythms from the drums. As the song progresses, the guitar’s chord progression continuously goes up a semitone, creating an atmosphere of suspense that makes the track a highly engaging listen throughout, and which is further heightened by the intertwining vocals and backing vocals during the choruses. This sense of energy building up throughout the track then culminates perfectly with a wonderfully impressive, aggressive-yet-melodic guitar solo towards the track’s conclusion.

“Transparent” is quite an enjoyable listen, showcasing Galactic Fuzz’s brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship. I would highly recommend this track to fans of psychedelic- and  indie/alternative rock alike.

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