The Starkillers “Are You Thinking of Me”

We’re glad to announce that Salt Lake City, United States-based indie band The Starkillers debut their brand new single entitled “Are You Thinking of Me.” So, you better Listen Now!!!

The Starkillers are comprised of frontman Jon Omen (lead vocals), Chris Panic (bass), Doc Taylor (drums), and Mike Fiedel (guitar). The band members have all known each other for years, both as close friends and from playing together in other bands; and lead vocalist Jon Omen also releases music with his solo project, which has gained hundreds of thousands of streams.

Inspired by artists such as The Killers, Foster The People, Walk the Moon and Foo Fighters, The Starkillers formed their band in 2020, and they’ll soon be playing their debut show at The DLC in Quarters Arcade Bar in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah on September 22, 2022. 

The Starkillers’ debut single, “Are You Thinking of Me,” will be the title track on their upcoming debut album. The songs on this forthcoming album explore the cycle of a toxic relationship, while blending complex, emotion-driven lyrics with alt-pop rhythms and catchy hooks. The song “Are You Thinking of Me” in particular conveys that difficult time when you know something isn’t going to work out in a relationship, and the frustration that comes with this realization.

Describing the backstory behind their upcoming album and lead single, the band tells us:

When we started writing the album, we saw a pattern begin to form with our songs, and decided to go with it. The album goes through the cycle of a toxic relationship, and all of the stages you’d find yourself going through. We almost didn’t include the single Are You Thinking of Me on the album because of how early we wrote it. But then realized how important it was to the central theme and how well it built onto the other songs. This single is really about someone in a relationship, coming to the realization that it isn’t what they want or need it to be. That the relationship is one sided and might always be if they stay with that person.” 

“Are You Thinking of Me” begins with an immersive electric guitar melody underscored nicely by a hypnotic bass line, bringing about a dreamlike atmosphere from its outset. Steady drums and an ethereal backing vocal melody soon join in to introduce the first verse, where Jon Omen’s contemplative vocals mesh quite well with the low bass notes. As the next verse begins, the vocals bring more passion and energy, while harmonizing quite well with a distorted alt-rock guitar chord buildup—in turn leading nicely into the chorus, which is later shouted emphatically by the band members together. The song is infectiously catchy throughout, yet brings a refreshing sense of originality and authenticity through both the track’s inspiring, purposeful lyrics and wonderfully creative musical direction.

Are You Thinking of Me” is quite an impressive debut single and an enjoyable listen, showcasing The Starkillers’ brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship. I would highly recommend this track to fans of indie rock and alt-pop alike.

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