Prove You Wrong “Numb”

We’re glad to announce that Yuma, United States-based hard/alternative rock band Prove You Wrong have released a new single, entitled “Numb.”

Prove You Wrong are multi-instrumentalist/singer-songwriter Alex Munoz and drummer Doug Feasel, who together create dark and intense rock music. Alex Munoz has played with various cover bands, including Downtime, Leaving Ruston, and Beg 2 Differ; and during the COVID lockdowns, he started writing his own music. He then worked with Doug Feasel on drums, rehearsing at Sound Play Studios in Yuma, Arizona to further establish their hardcore, textured, and authentic sound.

The duo later recorded their debut album, So It Begins, at Full Well Recording Studio in Phoenix, Arizona. The album was engineered by Mike Bolenbach and Kolby Peoples, and was released in July of this year, following singles from the album such as “Come on Baby” (our review here).

More recently, Prove You Wrong released the track “Numb” from So It Begins, as a single in August 2022; the mid-tempo rock song is a perfect example of the band’s signature sound, as well as their wide creative range. It’s also accompanied by a lyrics video, which you can watch here:

“Numb” begins with powerfully moody rhythms from the toms and snare drums, which nicely highlight a slow-moving, commanding electric guitar riff that repeats hypnotically throughout the track. Along with a dynamic bass line, the instruments together create a contemplative yet energetic vibe reminiscent of classic grunge/alternative rock bands such as Alice In Chains, while perfectly underscoring the song’s melancholic lyrics.

At the same time, Alex Munoz’s expressive vocals build quite well on the guitar and bass melodies, and are later highlighted nicely by electric piano notes. The electric piano melodies later introduce a captivating wah-pedal electric guitar solo, which leads seamlessly into the song’s concluding refrains via a cool vocoder effect. Throughout “Numb,” each instrument works synergistically together to create a wonderfully catchy yet complex alternative/hard rock sound. 

“Numb” is quite an enjoyable listen, highlighting Prove You Wrong’s brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship. I would highly recommend this track to fans of artists such as Alice In Chains, Incubus, Dead Rituals, Nirvana or Jane’s Addiction.

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