A song that provokes with its uncommon guitar riffs and pitch-shifting solo. “Come On Baby” is a Rock & Roll track filled with classic vibes wrapped up in a new and interesting, slamming sound. LISTEN NOW!

This one goes out to all you hard rockers out there! This Arizona-based band is ready to share with the world their brand new banger. A track that encloses all the Hard Rock intensity and comes at us with a swift and sexy blow.

“Come On Baby” captures us right from the start with its rising intro and arena-like drums. A steady hi-hat and a mean snare deliver the tight sounding beat. Epic guitar riffs summon the Rock gods of old, while the harmonized vocals chant their sensual invitation.

Prove You Wrong intended to give this track an 80’s twist. From the echoing drums to the arena rock vibe. Even the unusual guitar solo carries a throwback attitude. Mysterious and unexpected, the melodies inside this single are creative and enticing, with a magical dose of heavy elements that create a solid and rocking experience.

This song is a quintessential rock number with a timeless energy to it. Each element in the song is thoroughly well-crafted, from the creamy guitar sound, down to the amazing edge of the vocal delivery, soaring on top of the mix.

– Prove You Wrong

As this song was written in one of my dreams. I dreamt it then woke up and recorded a demo. It was all there music and lyrics. The first and only song ever to come to me that way. The song is about someone that is very persuasive. being able to talk you into doing crazy things.

Prove You Wrong

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