Mike Stoyanov “Everything You Ever Wanted”

We’re glad to announce that London, United Kingdom-based indie rock solo artist Mike Stoyanov has released a new single, entitled “Everything You Ever Wanted.”

Having been in several rock and blues bands over the years, Mike Stoyanov decided in 2020 to start his solo music career. Always following his heart, and never afraid to speak his mind, Mike is just what rock’n’roll music needs right now. After releasing the excellent single “No Regrets” last year (our review here), in 2022 Mike Stoyanov has already supported the British rock legends Toploader at the O2 Academy Islington, as well as released his third single “One Night Stand,” which received radio airplay and was featured in Vents Magazine. 

When Mike Stoyanov started his music career, there was a lot to figure out and it was a bit scary—but that didn’t stop him from pursuing his dream. Mike’s latest single is dedicated to other people who are in a similar situation, and are not afraid to “jump in the water”; you could spend your whole life on the shore, scared of the water because you can’t swim, but the only way you can learn to swim is to get in the water.

Inspired by Mike’s own experiences from beginning a music career, “Everything You Ever Wanted” is a song about chasing your dreams—even and especially when it’s hard to do so. Mike says about his latest single, “The story behind the song is about chasing your dreams and never giving up on them because the only way not to realise a dream is to abandon it. And yes sometimes it’s hard and you want to give up but if you really love something if this is really everything you ever wanted you keep going man and never give up.

He adds, “At the end of the day I am just following my dreams, man, if some people think that makes me crazy so be it, maybe I am a little crazy. Life’s too short not to follow your dreams, man.”  

And for listeners who are just discovering this talented up-and-coming artist, Mike says, “First time listeners to expect a rush of blood to the head because I am the new king of rocknroll.

“Everything You Ever Wanted” is also accompanied by a music video, which you can watch here:

The song begins with dynamic rhythms from the drums, bringing an upbeat sound that perfectly underscores the indie/garage rock’n’roll guitar chord progression that soon joins in, nicely punctuating the track with staccato, reverb-laden chords. Mike Stoyanov’s expressive vocal melodies and inspired lyrics add further to the song’s lively, uplifting energy, segueing into a wonderfully catchy chorus. A brief electric guitar solo then leads seamlessly back into the next verse and then into another memorable, concluding chorus highlighted by impressive tremoloed guitar leads.

“Everything You Ever Wanted” is quite an enjoyable listen, highlighting Mike Stoyanov’s brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship; I would highly recommend this track to fans of indie rock.

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