Mike Stoyanov – “No Regrets”

“Be yourself even if it’s scary, tell the truth even if it hurts.” This is the life motto of Mike Stoyanov, an English artist on a mission to set rock and roll music back to the top of charts. With his new single “No Regrets“, Mike stands up straight for his own right to be just the way he is, without worrying what other people’d think. Listen now to “No Regrets“.

Influenced by The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys and Oasis, this British gentleman makes music for you to feel, sing, scream and shout with energy. For him, rock’n’roll isn’t about sex or drugs, is about being yourself and not giving a shit about what other people might think.

After releasing his very well received first single “Star”, which was described as “alternative rock with ALL CAPS ON”, Mike is now delivering yet another energy-driven song fit for anyone into indie rock, alternative rock and arena rock. Full of attitude, “No Regrets” might become your next personal anthem.

‘No Regrets’ is a song about unapologetically living your life the way you want. I have made many mistakes in my life but I have no regrets because the good things and the bad things, they all happen for a reason, it’s all part of the journey and you can be damn sure I am loving every second of it.” – Mike Stoyanov

Mike has been in several bands throughout the years, but it was the pandemic, with all its restrictions, what saw the start of his solo career. As Mike puts it:

“I really loved being in a band, hanging out, having beers and making music but songwriting is so important to me. I could never have the same freedom to express myself in a band that I do as a solo artist. And, you know, once I get going I just can’t stop, I am on a mission to bring rock’n’roll back to the top of the charts, man. You might say that’s a bit cocky from a guy who is just starting out but I have been believing in myself forever, man. If I don’t believe who the fuck would?”

Playing chords in his usual songwriting session, the melody and the chorus of “No Regrets” came to Mike out of the blue, something unusual in his normal process. He immediately started the production and recording until the song was finished.

“Only after the song was finished I discovered an old recording of the verse of this song from two months before I thought I wrote it. I have completely forgotten about it but the universe had different plans and brought it back to me.  – Mike Stoyanov.

First time listeners can expect proper old school rocknroll – raw, in your face and unapologetic.

“I have to be myself, if you like it cool, if you don’t like it you can fuck off.” – Mike.

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