Hush Bewlay – I’m A Stranger Here Myself

We’re glad to announce that Los Angeles, United States-based solo artist Hush Bewlay has released a debut EP, entitled I’m A Stranger Here Myself.

Inspired by 80s synths, solid beats, indie rock, and gothic pop, musician Hush Bewlay created the four-song collection completely independently over just a few weeks. Written, recorded, and produced in Bewlay’s Los Angeles apartment using only a Fender Telecaster and some classic synth and drum plugins, I’m A Stranger Here Myself explores a range of genres and themes, while influenced by bands like Depeche Mode, New Order, Roxy Music, and The Weeknd.

About choosing an artist name, Hush Bewlay says, “The name is part homage to David Bowie’s ‘Bewlay Brothers,’ which I often sang as half of an acoustic duo in high school; and part telling myself to ‘hush,’ be quiet, stop saying you’re gonna do it someday and just do it. Releasing something, for me, has been a long time coming.”

I’m A Stranger Here Myself opens with “Stranger,” a contemporary retro-pop song characterized by catchy, danceable rhythms and a variety of lush, layered synth textures that interwtine together throughout the track to create just the right sound for the song’s lyrical themes about infatuation at the expense of everything else. Next is “Every Living Thing Adores You,” which begins with uptempo rhythms from the percussion, guitar, and bass to create an engaged yet laid-back, dreamy indie rock feel along with bright piano notes and airy synths. Midway through the track, a Roxy Music-inspired bridge takes the listener through an ethereal, quieter section before atmospheric synth effects and blissful piano melodies bring us back into the chorus, ultimately fading out into the pleasant ambient sounds of bird calls.

The third track, “Emulator,” brings a dark, electronic atmosphere with metallic-sounding textures from a range of synth leads. The synths together create an appropriately machine-like vibe throughout the song’s captivating verses and choruses, which eventually recede into a quieter concluding section with distant piano notes evoking a reflective mood. “The Cathedral Swings” then closes the EP, with gentle reverb-laden electric guitar melodies and hypnotic percussion accompanying the song’s hushed, dreamlike lyrics about a hand-in-hand walk through the end of the world. Towards the end of the track, a graceful flute-like melody and entrancing string-like synth chords combine nicely with the low chiming of bells to send the song further into a captivatingly imaginative atmosphere. 

Bringing several musical styles together for an all-around excellent debut EP, Hush Bewlay has demonstrated the impressive ability to bring each song’s evocative lyrics into the perfect immersive soundscapes on I’m A Stranger Here Myself. Hush Bewlay also continues to record, and hopes to release a second EP by the end of the year, so fans may also be able to look forward to new music from this talented artist.

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