Fendahlene “Get Over It” (Kevin Shirley mix)

We’re glad to announce that London, United Kingdom-based indie rock band Fendahlene have released a new mix of their song “Get Over It,” by legendary producer and engineer Kevin Shirley.

Originally hailing from Australia and now based in the UK, Fendahlene are comprised of Paul Whiteley (guitar, vocals) and Ashley Hurst (bass). Inspired by such widely-varying genres as rock, alt, punk, indie, soul and alt country, the duo create melodic guitar-based rock that takes listeners on a challenging and thought-provoking journey—which can at times be intensely introspective.

Fendahlene played regularly for ten years on the Sydney live circuit before relocating to the UK. During their time playing in Australia, they released two EPs, an LP and a double album. They also worked with leading producer Garth Porter (formerly of Sherbet), had two tracks featured by the SHARP Corporation on a national advertising campaign for stereo systems, and received airplay on mainstream and indie radio in Australia as well as on college radio in the US. Their 2002 track “Glebe Point Road” was a staple of that winter’s NOVA 96.9 rotation, and was also featured regularly on Triple M’s “Planet Rock.” This led to Fendahlene playing a prominent spot at the 2004 Glebe Street Fair.

Paul and Ashley moved to the UK in the late 2000s, and after a lengthy hiatus, they released the LP High and Low and Back Again in 2020—their first release on vinyl. It was recorded at Urchin Studios in East London between November 2018 and October 2019. They were joined by Matt Ingram on drums and piano, as well as by engineer Dan Cox, both of whose credits include Laura Marling, Florence and the Machine, and Tom Odell, among many others; and the mastering for the album was done at Metropolis Studios in London by Matt Colton.

After several lockdown-related interruptions, Fendahlene released their EP When the Hit Began in 2021—a collection of never-before-released recordings from their studio sessions in Australia. They then played their first show in London since the pandemic at The Amersham Arms in New Cross in November that year; and in 2022, they then released “North East,” a cover of a song by the Welsh band The LaLaLettes.

Fendahlene are currently planning their next recording sessions, to begin this month (September 2022), during which they plan to work their way through their backlog of twenty-five songs that they’ve accumulated since the beginning of 2020.

Fendhalene’s latest single, “Get Over It,” was recorded during the High and Low and Back Again album sessions. The duo wanted a mix to make the track more “snappy” and energetic—more in harmony with the song’s narrative—and this new mix was done by Kevin Shirley (Silverchair, Black Crowes, Joe Bonamassa, Robert Cray Band, and many others), who also recently produced and mixed the highly acclaimed Iron Maiden album Senjutsu. The song was mastered by Matt Colton at Metropolis Studios, London.

“Get Over It” is a song about dealing with the built-up frustrations caused by situations spiraling out of control—when you wilfully avoid any logical arguments or suggested solutions. Although the frustration boils over, we can yet find seeds of hope; by confronting these situations, as opposed to sweeping them under the carpet (or even worse, allowing them to become the “new normal”), situations can improve. This is the challenge posed by “Get Over It”: do we continue to let these difficult scenarios worsen, or do we make a real effort to improve them?

Describing the backstory behind “Get Over It,” the band tells us:

The initial idea for this track came from a lyricist we have worked with from time to time over the years, Clare Catt. She sent us a story which knocked our socks off, it felt right in line with the themes of the album we were then planning to record, the album that would become High and Low and Back Again.

We took what was quite raw and primal in emotion and made it even rawer and even more direct, and when working the track out we worked out that it even had more grunt when we played around with the time signature a bit. In a way, this made it feel more ‘urgent.

Fendhalene also plan to release two more Kevin Shirley mixes in advance of the new material that they’re currently working on, which is slated to begin coming out soon as well; so listeners can likely expect more music by this excellent band soon.

The new mix of “Get Over It” begins with a distorted guitar chord progression inspired by garage rock and pop-punk, while strong rhythms from the bass and drums maintain a steady and catchy groove. As the vocals soon join in, they build nicely on the melodies from the guitar and bass with a blunt and emotive delivery that perfectly conveys the lyrics about needing to find a way out of a problematic situation that has gone off the rails. This sense of urgency is then taken yet further towards the track’s conclusion by a captivating tremolo guitar solo underscored by repeating piano notes. Kevin Shirley’s mix of “Get Over It” is quite an enjoyable listen throughout, nicely highlighting Fendahlene’s brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship. I would highly recommend this track to fans of indie- and alternative rock alike.

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