Ann Beretta – “DCxPC Live Presents: Ann Beretta Live, Like A Riot! Live From The Broadberry (Acoustic)”

For the first time ever, this fantastic Live performance of one of Richmond’s most acclaimed and legendary Punk bands is now available in Vinyl. “Like A Riot!” is a beautifully played, pristinely recorded album of Punk tracks turned into an acoustic set. LISTEN NOW! / ORDER BELOW!

What’s going on guys, it’s your music devil, MadZen, and today I’m super excited to share this phenomenal album with you! Another great delivery by our good friends at DCxPC Live but only this time things have taken a turn. Acoustic Punk? Now, that’s interesting! Let’s get to it!

Ok, so, Ann Beretta is a legendary Punk band from Richmond, VA that formed in 1996 after the breakup of influential punk quartet, Inquisition. For over 25 years this guys have been touring and playing non-stop, releasing records with labels such as Fueled by Ramen and Lookout! Records. Having toured with bands such as Less Than Jake, Avail, Hot Water Music, the Bouncing Souls, and many others, Ann Beretta have positioned themselves as a beacon of talent, strive, and of course the Punk movement.

This album, “Like A Riot!” was initially only available for streaming, but now, thanks to the good guys of DCxPC Live, you can now get your hands on your own Vinyl copy. And for a lot of reasons, you should! First of all, the songs are amazing, I mean, I’d never listened to Acoustic Punk before and I’m completely in love with it. You can clearly tell the 25 years of experience these guys have by the way they play… Perfectly synchronized.

Lots of The Clash and Rancid vibes

You will listen to classic tracks like “Vengeance” and “Haywire”. Honestly guys, I’d never think that an acoustic Punk set could sound so good. In tracks like “MCA” you can find a good amount of southern influence, and even a violin player! What?? Actually brilliant. Some of my favorite tracks are “Wild, Young, and Free”, “Lipstick & Makeup”, and “Forever Family”; such feels and energy, sounding a little bit like the boss himself, Bruce Springfield!

Slide guitars on a Punk track? You bet!

But for real guys, this album is an absolute delight through and through and it deserves every stream and every share, and every purchase! In case you need one more reason to buy the album: The vinyl is pink and the covers were individually screen printed by Ann Beretta’s singer/guitarist, Rob Huddleston, so no two covers are identical. Also, the preorders will be entered into a raffle to win VMLive Vol. 8 The Meatmen, and a few lucky purchasers will be shipped the test screens and acetates from the cover. All covers are signed by Rob.

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