Lump200 – “Kryptomarch”

This track is a sonic exploration of electronic elements, leaded by a steady hi-hat and surrounded by Lo-fi atmospheres. “Kryptomarch” dives into the experimental waters with an artistic approach that’s audibly satisfying. Due out streaming platforms December 09th but you can listen and buy it now on Bandcamp


What’s going on my dear readers! Welcome back! It’s your boy, MadZen, and it’s always a pleasure to be back here with you once again. November is quickly coming to and end and a brand new year approaches. Let’s close this month with style and class. Today a brand new single has come to our attention and it’s what this month was lacking. Let’s get to it!

Lump200 is a Berlin-based cross act which, after years of crafting, has now created a unique electro-acoustic clash. Making use of modular synth sounds and a healthy dose of eccentricity, Lump200 reaches high levels of craftsmanship and artistry. It is said that what keeps Lump200 together is rather a specific and pointed kind of phrasing, than a clear identity of style.

“Kryptomarch” is the first single release of their upcoming album “Isles of You”, together with the social-audio web-app islesofyou. It is a futuristic mix between electronica and organic elements, which include a heavily processed bass clarinet and vibraphone. It is very difficult to identify which is which as it is all very carefully (and heavily) shaped.

It started with the synth melody in combination with some sampled and granulated sounds from a pvc hose. a heavily processed bass clarinet was added – you may recognize it as harp-like synth layer.” – Lump200

Innovative and theatrically inspired, Kryptomarch moves forward as a shapeless and ever changing musical being. Which by the way, anyone will be able to add their own ideas and imagination through their upcoming web-app: islesofyou, an open and inclusive project platform developed with partner gravity&storm. Every project starts with a piece of time (image and sound matrix) on which users can easily record and publish their own audio contributions, voice, music, whatever sounds.

All published takes can be arranged and edited on the matrix – a variety of versions can co-exist and be shared as widgets. A beta version of islesofyou will be introduced with the 2nd single in February 2023.

We suggest an inclusive way of social audio, it is all about participation, crowd recording and co-creation. Album and web app will be introduced in 2023. Kryptomarch features an animated illustration by Petra Péterffy which will be published one week ahead of the single release” – Lump200

Truly a very interesting act, and a very interesting project, Lump200 is pushing the limits and boundaries between music and listener, expanding the possibilities of social collaboration and unity. So, listen now!

Due Out December 09th

Streaming Platforms


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