Robert Vendetta- “All by my Handsome Self”

“I was actually going to rehearse some Soul Children songs – Norwegian gospel music – when “All By My Handsome Self” came to me. I already had the title for a while, and learning new chord progressions and a new way of thinking melody through the Soul Children songs I ended up with “All By My Handsome Self. It took about half an hour to write. The title itself comes from a line of a song a friend wrote, and I thought it to be too good to just be a line in a lyric.” – Robert Vendetta

9 o’clock Nasty- Dust

Dust is a short yet tightly packed with many ideas. 9 o’clock Nasty makes short direct tracks that never overstay their welcome. Yet, the tracks from this EP are full of energy and punch that make us want to listen to them just as they end. 9 o’clock Nasty’s next project is the album Catch Nasty. If Dust is any indication, it sure will be a banger!

Scott Swain – Isolation

Swain is able to flow from genre to genre without any whiplash whatsoever: from hard rock, to country, to ballad and to alt rock; from Nick Cave to Johnny Cash. The variety of Isolation guarantees that the listeners will find something that they will like, no matter their musical taste.

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