Raynald Grenier – “Doux Instants”

With his magnificent solo piano compositions, Raynald Grenier creates an atmospheric oeuvre that evokes complex emotions in us. Grenier mixes intricate harmonic structures with melodic phrases which create a sense of intimacy with the music. This is the case of his newest composition “Doux Instants”, hailing directly from his most recent album Opus 1. Mesmerizing in its own right, “Doux Instants” becomes an essential piece for new and returning listeners.

Raynald Grenier is Quebecois composer. Mainly influenced by Ennio Morricone, Andrew Lloyd Weber, and John Williams, he has composed various works for orchestra and piano alike. His compositions have been spellbinding audiences since the beginning of his career. For him, music has the capacity of being “the antidote of the world” and aims for his music to “touch each other’s soul”. As such, his pieces reflect a sense of healing and soothing through their harmonies and melodies: They play around a dance of tension and release of tonality and dissonance. What is certain, is that each one of them will reach your heart in a unique and personal way.

“Doux Instants” revolves through different keys and tones to generate an atmospheric tension/release. In this way, Reynald Grenier presents a soothing track that easily reaches the depths of the listener’s soul, making each different person feel a distinct emotion, realize the power of music, and fall in love one more time. “Doux Instants” makes us of minimalism and simplicity in a distinct way, as it allows the authenticity of the music, the emotion carried from within, to express itself without filters. We hear what each note has to say to us, how they articulate each phrase by joining together through its melody and harmony. It becomes a personal track in this regard.

“Doux Instants” proves to be a soothing piano track by Raynald Grenier. It also marks a new era for the composer that will continue in Spring 2023 when he will release new tracks that we are surely excited for!

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