Xavier Bernazard- Balloons For My Funeral

Rarely do we encounter an artist that is able to transit and explore different states of mind in a deep, emotional and original way. By creating an explosive sound that lets everything out, with an honesty that hits us with a hammer, Xavier Bernazard brand-new album Balloons For My Funeral explores nostalgia, identity, angst, mortality, relationships and the mysteries of life. Balloons For My Funeral‘s unique twist on punk rock and high sensitivity makes it an essential hearing for everyone!


Xavier Bernazard’s style is influenced mainly by punk rock and pop punk. Bands like Evanescence, My Chemical Romance, Paramore and Panic! At The Disco served as their stepping stones into the music world. As a result, Xavier Bernazard’s sound is explosive, emotional and transformative. A track may start in a sad mood and transform into an uplifting one that leaves all of it behind. Bernzazard’s expertise also lies on being able to explore different layers of emotion at the same time: While at the first listen, we may encounter anger and angst in their music, we slowly discover the tenderness and sorrow hidden deep inside. Balloons For My Funeral has been a work in progress from March 2022 to September 2022 recorded in Dallas, Texas. Mixed by Nathan McCord and produced by McCord and Adam McGrath, it features Xavier Bernazard in the lyrics and vocals, Fox DeVaughn and Adam McGrath on the guitar, Nathan McCord on the drums, Alex Hodge on the bass and Josh Karas on the keys.

Each track of Balloons For My Funeral strikes us with emotion and guides us through a unique path through its lyrics and vocals, making each one of the songs unique in their own way. Xavier Bernazard’s ability to tell stories and transmit emotion is put on the forefront of the album, as the tracks transform depending on it. They may be a calm ethereal track that adopts a metal-like riff and power (“Loose End”), a punk rock break-up song (“You Left Me”), a ballad with a latin-inspired rhythm section (“De Mi”), an empowering anthem (“Hero Song”), a pop-punk track with crazy guitar licks and passionate vocals (“Ponyboy”) or a sorrowful track that becomes a heavy punk track at the end (“Balloons For My Funeral”). Xavier Bernazard plays around with genres and instrument, setting up expectations and breaking them (exceeding them) throughout each track and throughout the album. They know the rules and breaks them in every chance they get, while tackling every theme with passion and honesty. They give everything and it shows.

Balloons For My Funeral by Xavier Bernazard is an unmissable album. The way it tackles its themes with its sound and lyrics makes it clear that it is a personal project that deserves our attention. It will be released on October 31. If you are a fan of punk rock and pop punk and want to hear these styles as you have never heard them before (or if you simply want to hear excellent music), give this album a listen!


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