Jeremy M “Gone Forever”

"Due to the illness, I had developed, I missed the university application deadline so after my final year of school was over, I took a gap year. Unfortunately, I was too sick to do anything exciting, but as a reward for putting up with it all, my dad got me a laptop and for the first time I was able to experiment with the production of some of the songs I had been writing." Jeremy M

Jackson Watson’s Love Story Second Album

""Numb" is about what it's like to find yourself into someone and feeling that you'll never love yourself that much. Through the first half of the album, you can hear me 'fall in love' with this person and get completely infatuated by them. However, by track 9 and onward, I take a step back to realize who I am and how to love myself." Jackson Watson on the new album "Numb"

Randy Beth “Kaleidoscope”

"Kaleidoscope is a hopeful pop / r&b track that sets the scene of a first date. it opens with the sounds of light giggles and exciting energy. throughout the track you can feel the hesitancy from a person who has spent a long time hiding from her own light, only to find it reflected through the eyes of someone else." Randy Beth

Maria Weissman “Cool Girl”

""Cool Girl" is about wanting to avoid deeply feeling pain, sadness, loss, and rejection. In the song and accompanying music video I imagine what it would be like to simply not feel. To ice out the world, and live in an aloof one instead. Musically, I tried out a few different arrangements of it, but ultimately it felt most authentic having a stripped down arrangement of just me singing and playing acoustic guitar." Maria Weissman

Kaiyah Mercedes “New Year’s Resolutions”

"My songs are almost always sad. I write about sadness in every way I can, from folk songs, to soft rock, to pop, and then to ballads like this one. There is so much to be said about heartbreak and mental health struggles and sadness, and I hope my songs can give other young, sad teenagers something to relate to." Kaiyah Mercedes

ettie “Until I Met U”

"As a queer artist it is important to me to sing my narratives of love and put them out there. When I was growing up I didn’t have the type of love I wanted playing on the radio, and I struggled to find artists I could look up to for it. I want to help other queer people feel seen and know that not only is it normal, but that our love should be celebrated." ettie

Catherine Elms “Frustrations”

“My songs are dark, fierce, introspective - written from my experiences as a queer woman, a feminist, a person with mental illness, and an introverted indie musician. I write about fighting to improve a world that wasn’t built for us, losing (and re-finding) yourself in toxic love, being a messy weirdo in an industry that values glamour and perfection, the simultaneous terror and allure of the male gaze, and burning your rage for fuel to become something more.”

Jess Porter- “Overplayed”

"I wanted the strength of the melody and lyrics to shine through, which are important to me on this song. It's about meeting someone - a friend or a lover - you care deeply about, but you know it's just not the right time to be able to develop the relationship. You feel sad, but also thankful for the connection. I think everyone knows the feeling I'm talking about." -Jess Porter

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