LEUER’s newfound love bliss on “I Can’t Believe I Found You”

After a hard breakup with his former partner, LEUER eventually found new love again - and the life-changing kind. In his latest single, "I Can't Believe I Found You", LEUER sings about finding someone that is exactly the right fit and everything about them brings you joy and hope for a long life together. It's the purest of feelings and one that does not come around often.

Occurrence’s masterful and impressive new album “Slow Violence”

Slow Violence by Occurrence is a massive collection of twenty-two songs, showcasing all of the trio’s abilities at once. Over the course of the record, we see the band creating powerful music, with dreamy atmospheres and vocal melodies alongside crashing percussion and a somewhat industrial influence.

Penelope Pettigrew celebrates bisexuality with a bursting positive new remix for “BiConic”

In a world that's pretty keen on moving backwards whenever it gets the chance, Penelope Pettigrew brings a new focus on celebrating the Bi+ community and your authentic self. Embrace yourself for who you are and don't let the haters and naysayers bring you down!

Jeremy M “Gone Forever”

"Due to the illness, I had developed, I missed the university application deadline so after my final year of school was over, I took a gap year. Unfortunately, I was too sick to do anything exciting, but as a reward for putting up with it all, my dad got me a laptop and for the first time I was able to experiment with the production of some of the songs I had been writing." Jeremy M

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