Sparkbird’s heartwarming and beautiful new single “I Am Not a Stranger Here”

You know that feeling when you love someone and it’s like you’ve known each other for way longer than you actually know each other? That feeling of instantly belonging somewhere new, just because you’re with them? This is exactly the feeling that Stephan Nance aka Sparkbird sings about on their new track, “I Am Not a Stranger Here”.



Kind of like when Regina Spektor finally released a studio version of “Loveology” last year, this track is actually one of Stephan’s earliest works, one that they used to play live for years. “I Am Not a Stranger Here” was recently the most-voted song to be revisited after a survey amongst their fans on Patreon, and it’s easy to understand why. On their own “(Stephan’s Version)”, the track gets completely reimagined with a softer production, slower tempo, and more sparse instrumentations. The extra space they added to this truly brings out the best that it could possibly be. There is also a new maturity to Stephan’s voice that helps to make it sound even better now.

“My songs that reflect thoughtfulness and vulnerability, a thoughtful and complicated nature, a blend of melancholy and optimism, and a warmhearted personality”.


Let me just get this out of the way: this is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard this year up until now. It’s a soft love ballad about how the other person makes you feel welcomed, how they make you feel loved, how they make you feel good. “I Am Not a Stranger Here” flows with the same kind of storytelling you get on the best Taylor Swift songs, when things are so incredibly specific to a point in time that they become truly timeless and universal. It’s absolutely gorgeous, wonderfully written and produced.

“This track is a reimagining of one of my earliest works, written years ago when I was in a long-distance relationship. I was visiting my then-boyfriend’s hometown in Ohio and meeting his family, and it struck me how even an unfamiliar place can feel familiar when you’re with someone you love.”


The way the acoustic guitar strums along a steady melody that grounds their vocals and the strings let it soar on the chorus and bridge is just so well done. But what truly gets you about this is the lyrics. It’s hard to listen to this without instantly thinking of someone you love and tearing up with a smile on your face. Sparkbird is getting better and better as the years go by, and this is why the news of them currently working on a new album makes us very excited to hear it!



Sparkbird press photo "I Am Not A Stranger Here"


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