Jess Porter- “Overplayed”

"I wanted the strength of the melody and lyrics to shine through, which are important to me on this song. It's about meeting someone - a friend or a lover - you care deeply about, but you know it's just not the right time to be able to develop the relationship. You feel sad, but also thankful for the connection. I think everyone knows the feeling I'm talking about." -Jess Porter

Alex Julia – Cry Wolf

Julia is devoted to find the middle ground between things. Searching for harmony, she creates music that unifies both love and loss. This time, the artist intended to go further and create a more fast-paced track with a mightier melody than her previous releases. Such is her desire to move forward and strengthen that artist/audience bond.

Penelope Pettigrew “Jelly”

"I wrote this song after reading some comments online from people that didn't understand me or my aesthetic and had the opinion that someone with curves like mine shouldn't be wearing the stuff that I wear. So instead of shying away from the haters, I've called them out for being jealous and beige and hope that other people feel empowered to do the same to anyone that's trying to bring them down". Penelope Pettigrew

Charlie Weathersby- “When I Dream About Dying”

I had a very bizarre dream one night that the world was ending and I was trapped in a building with everyone I knew. The realization set in that there was nothing more we could do and we were all going to die. The last moment of the dream, I asked my lost love if they could hold my hand because none of that trivial shit from the past mattered anymore. That fragment of the dream really stuck with me and I wrote this song the next day". Charlie Weathersby


"Patterns" is an exploration of the difficulty of altering our intimate pathways. As with many other queer people, I feel like I had a delayed adolescence and therefore I took a longer time to learn (or unlearn) some unhelpful emotional patterns. This track explores the desire to push through self-imposed walls, even when unsure how to." - Jess Porter

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