Charlie Weathersby- “When I Dream About Dying”

Loving someone means showing our most intimate side to them. We trust them they feel the same about us. Vulnerability and love seem to be tied together, even more in the times we live in. Charlie Weatherby’s new single “When I Dream About Dying” is an ethereal love song about fragility and how it may impact our relationships. It is a song dedicated to those wondering if the person they love feels the same way about them, to people who can’t be with the one they love because of societal or familial pressure, those in an existential crisis because of the pandemic, and those who feel like they needed to cry a little.

Charlie Weathersby is a singer-songwriter from San Antonio, Texas, in the United States. A one-woman act, she takes inspiration from varied singers such as Allison Ponthier, Taylor Swift, and Lord Huron. “When I Dream About Dying” is the lead single of Weatherrsby’s upcoming album In the Light of Dawn. The track was born just when Weathersby took her guitar and started playing. As if she was transported somewhere else, her ideas just started to flow directly into her music.

I had a very bizarre dream one night that the world was ending and I was trapped in a building with everyone I knew. The realization set in that there was nothing more we could do and we were all going to die. The last moment of the dream, I asked my lost love if they could hold my hand because none of that trivial shit from the past mattered anymore. That fragment of the dream really stuck with me and I wrote this song the next day. I wanted it to sound ethereal and match the Springtime feel I wanted for the album. I used sparkly synth chimes, layered harmonies, dreamy strings, and the guitar I’ve had since I was 14. -Charlie Weathersby

“When I Dream About Dying” is a love song that reflects on the relationship between vulnerability and love. Weathersby paints an apocalyptic, yet beautiful, picture in which we get to share our last moments with those we love the most. Weathersby’s voice and guitars share a perfect harmonic relationship which she fully exploits to transmit the emotions she wants us to feel. We feel immersed in the ideas and story she is telling, a story that has the power to easily access our hearts and fill our lonely souls.

Charlie Weathersby is a rising artist that has a talent for creating powerful tracks full of emotion. “When I Dream About Dying” marks an exciting new direction in her career, as she sets the bar for her upcoming album. If you are in a mood for an emotional track, give this single a listen!

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