Diego Philips, Coffer House Anarchists, Firebug, and more…

March 19 2022.

Hey!!! Welcome back dear friends to your favorite Blog LT1KF now with Week 11 2022 I hope you’re ready to go because we have some really good stuff waiting for you to enjoy. This is our new round of 9 Albums/EPs you should listen to, let’s not waste more  time and take a look at this round, brand new music, you know that all of these albums are recently released (remember that you always can take a look back at our previous week recommendations here).


1- Diego PhilipsI Am Yuki: The Hiroshima Project ” is an anti-war concept album by English musician Diego Philips. Following the release of  “Sentimental Song“, this latest album it tells the tragic events of the bombings of Hiroshima during World War II through the eyes of a seven year old boy to deliver a powerful message about war. Indeed, I Am Yuki is an album full of emotional rawness, but it is in no way morbid or exploitative: Philips treats war, pain and death with a sensibility that is rare to see nowadays. You can keep reading our review here.

2.- Coffe House Anarchists Separated by the Sea Pt.2  In their own words: Separated by the Sea Pt.2 is very much a continuation of the first part and should be seen as a collective whole. The album in its entirety has a heavy, dark feeling that hangs over many of the tracks. Musically Pt.2 contains the Celtic and folk influences seen previously but again with a modern twist in terms of production and sound. The second part also brings the album to a conclusion by offering elements of light that break through after the storm, especially on the title track ‘Separated by the Sea’. You can read our review here.

3.- Firebug No Return   In their own words: “No Return” translates where we are at now as artists. We feel like we have entered into a new exciting realm musically while still holding on to our influences. You can check out our reviews for the single Run and No Return.

4.- Am Sastag Dualism  The 13 tracks album reveals the band’s heart and soul, the compositions oscillate between slow and adrenaline filled tempos, strongly distorted riffs and clear and melodic lines, sometimes almost psychedelic. Drawing inspiration from the depths of their musical influences, the band delivers a promising album, aggressive and yet touching, nostalgic and yet refreshing.

5- Charlie Weathersby In The Light Of Dawn “I’m a 23 year old non-binary artist in San Antonio, TX. I believe first and foremost, I’m a songwriter. If you want to open up my diary, come along for the journey. We’ve all been through hell, but we can get out together”. You can read our review for the single When I Dream About Dying

6.- Filiah For Someone   “Undeniably the most intimate and emotional release for Filiah, the young singer-songwriter has let all the feelings pour out of her and become songs that are cathartic, incredibly beautiful and healing for anyone with a failed relationship hurting them.” You can read our review here.

7- Soul Delivery Foodcourt Debut album by multi-regional independent band, composed of four members based in London and Seoul, The self-produced, 12-track album features Korean Music Awards Best R&B/Soul Album winner THAMA on the title track “넋 NUGS (with THAMA).” Recorded mostly in their underground studio in Seoul, the album captures the organic process of improvisations and musical conversations between four friends. As their name implies, the band has been greatly influenced by soul music, though the album covers a wide spectrum of genres from hip-hop, jazz, to rock.

8.- Kone Mara Nomad  The EP reflects the different stages of love and the search for it. Inspiration is taken from both imagination and everyday life – the songs depict life through longing for home, escaping, happiness and heartache. ‘Nomad’ is meant to be a journey through different places and experiences, what it’s like to be human in constant motion both forward and backwards.

9.- Keaper, Fade Following on from the release of ‘Duality’ last year, Keaper are back with their second EP ‘Fade’. Hailing from the suburbs of Melbourne, Keaper is a ‘dreamo’ audiovisual project borne from the shared artistic dreams of vocalist/guitarist Ameya and bassist Julia during their university days. Doubling as a visual art project, Keaper combines artforms to provide a unique style of escapism reflective of the band’s interest in cinema, illustration and photography.

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Here is a guide (Playlist) with one track from each of the albums presented in this round up:

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