Filiah “For Someone”

I remember a curious song from last year, a title that was released on Friday the 13th. That release date and the fact the song was named “In a Haunted House” would have both suggested spooky scary skeletons and haunting ghosts. Instead, it became one of the loveliest indie folk tunes with a story of letting go of the darkness in the past and embracing love again. This song has moved on to become a single from the artist’s debut album For Someone, which is out now.

Speaking of ghosts, in here they are different and much more relevant to living as a human person. They take on the dark shape of mistakes and pain from the past, haunting the person and stopping them to reach out for their desires by reminding the hurt from the past. Considering how big part they play in everyday suffer, Filiah’s new album is like a morning sunrise after a long time spent in the dark. It’s an embodiment of Hope with a capital H, comes with beautifully built stories touching themes of love, grief, longing, nostalgia and more, and is a 7-track indie folk release titled “For Someone”.

The album’s atmospheric and endearing sound was born in lockdown, when Filiah recorded its songs in her living room. Alone, accompanied only by mundane things like the creaky parquet and gas heater, the 7 songs are united by their story, which stems from a toxic relationship the artist’s past. “For Someone” is a concept album telling a tale of a spirited person, vulnerable and honest, depicting her journey of healing from being quite literally ghosted by a loved person.

Fearlessly, she unravels the pain and heartache in the weeping and lamenting “27” following album’s beginner “Goodbye”, which feels like surface-level acceptance with the shattered emotions underneath. Damp and dark, “In Between” shows nostalgia for the affection felt, and the raw and naked “The Letter” is a very stripped-back song putting all those complicated emotions out into the lyrics. The profound sadness follows into the title track “For Someone”, a memory of love, and recollection of oneself. The album ends on a delightful positive note which drives out the sadness and pain for good and looks into the future with open heart – “In a Haunted House” caresses like a reinvigorating breeze of fresh air and stands as a reminder that the pain is not forever and you’re strong for overcoming the past.

Undeniably the most intimate and emotional release for Filiah, the young singer-songwriter has let all the feelings pour out of her and become songs that are cathartic, incredibly beautiful and healing for anyone with a failed relationship hurting them.

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