Coffee House Anarchists- Separated by the Sea (Pt. 2)

After much anticipation, Coffee House Anarchists have released their continuation to their album Separted by the Sea (Pt 1)! Separated by the Sea (Pt.2) continues and heavily expands the ideas and music of the first part to offer a complete musical experience by itself, but that is best experienced alongside the first part. It is a haunting, mesmerizing and dark album that paints moments of silence and of noise, calmness and violence, with each track offering a glimpse of beauty.

Coffee House Anarchists is a France-established band that enjoys experimenting with sound. Rather than adopting a sound, they transform it from album to album depending of what the music asks to be. Separated by the Sea (Pt.2) continues with the same inspiration as (Pt.1). Folk rock mixed with post-punk and noise rock result in an atmospheric and expansive sound which invites the listener to explore and wander around, as if they got lost in a storm.

Separated by the Sea Pt.2 is very much a continuation of the first part and should be seen as a collective whole. The album in its entirety has a heavy, dark feeling that hangs over many of the tracks. Musically Pt.2 contains the Celtic and folk influences seen previously but again with a modern twist in terms of production and sound. The second part also brings the album to a conclusion by offering elements of light that break through after the storm, especially on the title track ‘Separated by the Sea’. As a band we are really proud of the fact that we were able to push our creative limits and take our music to uncharted territory. At the start it felt very much as if we were drowning and well out of our depth, but when experimenting that’s very often the best place to be in terms of creativity. It certainly wasn’t an album that took 5 minutes to write and a day to record and mix like so many modern productions. It was more something that developed and evolved and took on a life of its own, which now gives the record a real depth. -Coffee House Anarchists

The four tracks which compose Pt.2 allow the exploration of diverse soundscapes that offer distinct moods. The title track “Separated by the Sea” offers nostalgic longing with its string sections and haunting chorus, while the following tracks “On & On” and “ΑΩ” experiment on a darker tone constructed by distortions and echoes. These two tracks serve as a stepping stone to the final track of Pt. and Separated by the Sea as a whole: “It is Well in my Soul”. This final track expertly closes both parts by being a completly calm track that celebrates overcoming of all the hardships. Gospel-like in its instrumentation (organ/chorus), the last moments of the track make us feel like we have reached asylum after travelling through a heavy storm, finally reaching a moment of peace.

Coffee House Anarchists are characterized by their unique approach to sound. Separated by the Sea (Pt.2) sets in stone this motion by the sheer creativity each track exudes. By itself, it is an excellent album, but if the listener is really looking for an experience, try listening to Pt.1 and Pt.2 in one go. You won’t miss out!

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