Penelope Pettigrew’s powerful new single “Jelly”

People who envy you talk bad about you in hopes that others won’t find you as appealing. That’s one of many similar sayings addressing envy and people talking crap about others behind their backs. So, how should you respond? PENELOPE PETTIGREW says on “Jelly”: glow stronger and don’t give a damn!

Living in Sydney, Penelope Pettigrew is a strong-voiced electropop artist mixing her sassy fire-spitting diva vocals with sparkling hip-hop and house-infused production. She’s a bisexual icon keen on standing up for the generally very under-represented part of the queer community. Her music comes fueled with powerful catchy beats coupled with empowering messages of self-expression, exploring and loving yourself, and standing proud of your identity. Extremely dancefloor-friendly tunes with that fiercely wholesome person energy, the kind that sweeps negative energy under the carpet and holds you close.

I want to encourage people to lean into their uniqueness, embrace who they are and be proud of it! And remember, those that matter don’t mind and those that mind don’t matter!

Penelpe Pettegrew

Her newest single arrives to spread the wings of self-love and pride at their widest. Titled “Jelly”, it’s a truly “bad b*tch” song with that infectious energy of an independent person who feels whole with their identity. Sporting bold 4-on-the-floor beat and vocals that have turned the sassiness to eleven, there is no space left for those badmouthing jealous people. You can simply feel how the song comes in through the door with swaying hips as it approaches with a determined strut and clears the room from all the bad vibes.

Empowering, sexy, and playful, “Jelly” is a song that deflates those who try to bully you for your differences, and pulls you up higher to shine stronger and learn that determined hip-swaying walk that instills the powerful feeling of being completely yourself!

“Welcome to all my wonderful new followers and anyone who is coming across me and my music for the first time! I am a proud bisexual woman who is very much inspired by the art of drag. I came into the drag scene around the same time that I came out as bi, everyone in the scene was so welcoming and accepting which really helped me grow as an artist and a person. “

Penelpe Pettigrew

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