Maria Weissman “Cool Girl”

The irritating state of feeling a lot about someone and wanting that someone to feel as desperate about yourself is.. quite embarrassing. And it’s way too strong and all-consuming as well, leaving you wish you could simply turn off your feelings and emotions and let things just flow past without getting emotionally invested in any of this. Be the “Cool Girl” that in reality is just impossible to achieve.

“Cool Girl” is also the title of Maria Weissman’s newest single. It’s the second single, following the fierce motivated song “Kill a Ghost“, that was set to light the trauma from the past on fire. This single however takes a turn away from the rocking and growling sound and embraces the simple yet effective form of guitar-driven acoustic song, just the singer and her instrument. The fiery note is not gone though, it continues living in Maria’s stunning voice as she lays out all she feels about being overrun with emotions and how she’d imagine living life not driven by feelings.

The single comes along with a music video, which explores living without emotions with mannequins standing around in various locations, not giving a damn about anything, even when they’re set on fire. As someone who’s been hit so hard by so many emotions lately, the chilled out vision of living without care feels really nice, if it wasn’t for the realization this is quite unachievable…

I wrote “Cool Girl” as a standalone song, but in some ways it can be viewed as the icy counterpoint to my debut single “Kill a Ghost”’s fiery rage. Musically, a few different artist’s tracks inspired me, including “Lua” by Bright Eyes, “Prism Song” by Julie Byrne, and “World Spins Madly On” by the Weepies.

“Cool Girl” is about wanting to avoid deeply feeling pain, sadness, loss, and rejection. In the song and accompanying music video I imagine what it would be like to simply not feel. To ice out the world, and live in an aloof one instead. Musically, I tried out a few different arrangements of it, but ultimately it felt most authentic having a stripped down arrangement of just me singing and playing acoustic guitar.

Maria Weissman

“Cool Girl” OUT NOW!!! And it joins “Kill a Ghost” as the second single from Maria Weissman’s upcoming debut EP “Bad”, which will be out on August 8th on her Bandcamp.

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