Maria Weissman “Kill a Ghost”

Have you ever wondered why it must be you specifically to handle the terrors left by a person now long gone from your life? Well, you’re not alone with this question – there’s a brilliant-minded singer-songwriter from LA that has the same exact question, and she has put this all into a song!

The artist in question is Maria Weissman, a folk-rock artist carrying a sparking load of energy, describing her sound as a “musical lovechild of Fiona Apple and The White Stripes”. The song you’re about to hear is her debut single. The experience of abuse, described as a Ghost in the single, has long been following the artist, until after one particularly hard therapy session she decided to turn around and unload all the frustration she felt about being the one left with all that crap while the person responsible likely walks around scorch-free. “Kill a Ghost” came from this, and although the title gets straight to the point, the song does not use that deep anger to produce something super angsty. Nope, instead it’s so much better.

The song, “Kill a Ghost” is one of the most energetic and motivational songs I’ve heard coming from such a hard place. Instead of being in the grips of all terror, the artist has flipped the script around and taken on an empowering route to defeat the ghosts from the past, and she’s doing it with powerful spoken-sung vocals, banging percussion and splendid harmonies loading positivity in the quest. There is so much strength portrayed by both the song and it’s accompanying video, the latter of which even displays a wooden chest that’s about to be buried, and I assume it’s specially for the Ghost. : )

It takes unimaginable amount of strength to handle the echoes of past abuse, and Maria Weissman has done it with this song, and while the battle may not be over, this artist has inspired countless others to try doing just what she started when writing the single.

Kill a Ghost” is already out on your favourite platform, and it’s also the debut single off an upcoming EP.

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