DAMIEN – “2 OUT OF 10”

Our dear, queer, non-binary artist, Damien is back with another track where they explore the tendency we have of rating everybody else based on their appearance, especially men. This single 2 Out Of 10, different from Damien’s usual heavy electronic sound, has a more pop-rock approach and influence and will have you chanting its chorus in no time.

Damien continues to amaze as they continue to release interesting single after single. With their unusual yet thought-provoking approach to music themes, Damien keeps nourishing us with their unique essence and trying to open our minds and heart to their points of view.

Known for mixing politics with social and personal themes, the artist once again sheds a light on a very particular situation: the rating of others based on their looks, and, even worse, the tendency we have to undervalue ourselves, and thus look for others for validation.

This trend seems to be particularly prominent in men, with recent studies suggesting the majority of men will actively seek out a partner they perceive as more physically attractive than themselves.

Damien makes their case in the chorus: “I’m a 2 out of 10, and I’m looking for a 9“. With pop stability and the use of repetition, Damien achieves to be both catchy and aggressive without losing interest. Their well-known heavy bass lines continue to make a statement, as well as the violent groove and the electronic elements.

This time, Damien differs from their previous releases, Love Myself and Human, and draws inspiration from bands like The Dandy Warhols, and The Strokes. It was produced by DAMIEN in their home studio in Ipswich QLD, mixed by Hugh Middleton of Out With The In studios in West End, QLD, and mastered by Matthew Gray (Brisbane).

I had the delightful experience to share some questions with this amazing human being, and you can read them all here, only in Less Than 1000.

1.- Could you please tell us a bit more about your influences and why you decided to create Damien?

DAMIEN is an extension of myself, a caricature of sorts, that gives voice to the darker aspects of my soul. DAMIEN is mostly influenced by artists such as Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, but also bands like The Dandy Warhols and Gorillaz.

2.- What were you doing before Damien? Has making music always been part of your life?

Prior to DAMIEN I had been in quite a ‘wilderness’ period of my musical journey, having suppressed my musical desire for the sake of keeping peace in number of relationships, but prior to that I was in a three-piece garage punk band called, ‘The Broken Arm’. I was a late developer in coming to music, not picking up a guitar until I was 16. I think it is really only been in the past several years though that I have really embraced that music is essential to my identity and sense of meaning and purpose.

3.- I believe that one of the things that define you are your thought-provoking lyrics. How do you come up with the themes for your tracks?

I am constantly thinking and ruminating, sometimes to the detriment of my own mental health, however it is an aspect of myself I have come to accept and enjoy. The themes of my songs will usually develop from a particular issue or idea that I have been pondering, but that goes beyond just thought to also creating a visceral physical response in my body, an energy, that needs to be released…and that energy release becomes the song.

4.- Could you give us a little insight into your upcoming album? Whatever you wanna share.

The new album is a 7 track concept album that wrestles with my own sense of identity and coming to a place of acceptance of who I am, whilst still acknowledging deep shadows and doubts about my identity. The album’s title, ‘Wrong Age. Wrong Race. Wrong Gender.’ Is sparked by a disdain that I have towards the way society often prejudices people based on these attributes for which we have no control.

5.- Anything else you want to add.

“I hope that anyone listening to my music would feel comfortable to reach out and contact me via my social media. I am quite active on Facebook and value the meaningful connections that can be made through music.

What do you think? Amazing responses by Damien, I’m sure you agree with me! So, if you feel like it, please support DAMIEN on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, SoundCloud, YouTube, and Spotify. You can also check out their official website.

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