Faae “Summer Song”

Take a drive through the neighborhood, through the places you used to know when you were very small. Things have changed, and sadly not necessarily for the better. So you stand on the remaining stump of a tree witnessing what was once a forest, feeling the hot wind of increasing uncertainty and letting it all sink in. In the background, “Summer Song” by Faae is playing a soft melody.

Hailing from Orlando, Faae is an indie-folk singer-songwriter who loves creating music that is as full of meaning as it is full of beautiful instrumentation and melodies. Her magical singing voice seeps in your soul, and the gentle airy guitar melodies that surround the listener bring forth a particularly cozy feeling. Back to the meaning, the artist has some quite serious thoughts to share, and it’s on the topic of what’s happening with the planet we live on.

“The Faae project is focused on utilizing music as a primary avenue to express interpersonal and societal revelations around climate change. The world is drastically changing around us, and it can be easy to feel like no action is possible and dissociate from all of it, but it’s more important than ever to recognize the industries and roles that play a major part in the destruction of our planet.”

“Summer Song” is a perfect example of what Faae is all about. The single’s soft and melodic nature is tinted with feelings of sadness and disappointment, much like when you discover your childhood forest being no longer there, your favourite river being polluted or when the rains that you need for growing your food just fails to turn up. The days may be warm and cozy (even if dry), but as you witness everything wither away, the thought of the approaching winter gets you anxious. There’s also a notion of helplessness, as the mechanics behind changing environments and weather can’t really be altered by a single person, and the sad self-comforting song is what comes out of knowing just that.

“I wrote ‘summer song’ while driving from Florida to Wyoming last summer. It’s an honest reaction and subsequent dissociative folk/jazz/prog track about feeling disconnected from the world around you as things completely out of your control are changing the places you used to know. It’s primarily focused on climate change.”


“Summer Song” is also the debut single from Faae’s debut EP titled “Rudolph”. The EP is a collection of 3 songs and just like the single, the release aims to bring the topic of climate change into our attention. The EP is out now and the artist invites you to to listen to the album right away.

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