Randy Beth “Kaleidoscope”

Let’s dive into the world of romance today. A newly opened cool place attracts a lot of friends to spend great time, but also dates looking for something wonderful. This person is here on their first date, and the boiling anxiety-twinged excitement reflects in their eyes. That, and the glowing lights surrounding everyone in this space is the sound of “Kaleidoscope“.

This story of new love, “Kaleidoscope“, is the newest single coming from Randy Beth, a singer-songwriter living in New York. Releasing music since 2021, the pop artist has released 2 singles so far, introducing listeners to her moody and emotional world carried by some truly captivating songwriting. The first singles were somber and introspective, navigating serious themes in minimalistic pop atmospheres. Her new song takes a turn towards the warm and bright instead.

Opening up with glowing synths and a slow beat, “Kaleidoscope” sets a mood for new love, a fertile ground for all those overboiling emotions only kept at bay by hesitancy. Thus, the single runs at a measuredly slow pace, as if it’s the person giving themselves time to analyse if what they’re about to say will accidentally ruin anything or not. Still, the surrounding warm atmosphere seeps in and slowly wipes the reticence away, and the song expands to include a choir, easing into a soulful celebration of fresh romance.

“Kaleidoscope is a hopeful pop / r&b track that sets the scene of a first date. it opens with the sounds of light giggles and exciting energy. throughout the track you can feel the hesitancy from a person who has spent a long time hiding from her own light, only to find it reflected through the eyes of someone else. that’s exactly what a kaleidoscope does, it reflects light.

Randy Beth

“Kaleidoscope” is out now!

“I am so excited to be sharing these stories with you. my music has been a way for me to speak to my past selves, to heal, and to be a voice that i wish i had growing up. you can expect a lot of soul and an exploration of many different genres. i am so excited to continue on this journey and keep creating music for you.” Randy Beth

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