Occurrence’s masterful and impressive new album “Slow Violence”

New York trio Occurrence gets ready for the release of their new album Slow Violence. The double album follows I Have So Much Love to Give from 2021 and several promotional singles, including the masterpiece “The Remote Past Tense” already covered here by yours truly.


Slow Violence is a massive collection of twenty-two songs, showcasing all of the trio’s abilities at once. Over the course of the record, we see the band creating powerful music, with dreamy atmospheres and vocal melodies alongside crashing percussion and a somewhat industrial influence. They can go from soft to crisp really quickly and in a really cohesive way. From the abrasiveness of opener “Blossom Forth”, one of the many highlights, to the chaotic pianos of “Survive, Die Faster” there’s already been so many moods — and by this time we’re only four tracks in.

Occurrence has a very singular and unique way of exploring the entire multiverse of electronic music at once. They can go from LCD Soundsystem to Portishead to Kraftwerk so easily, it’s almost frightening. The amount of influences and sounds they pack into Slow Violence is almost overbearing, but the trio somehow does it all with such subtlety and emotion that it works. “We wanted to make a grand statement, to be more expansive, to fully reflect our collective experiences, traumatic and ecstatic, over the past two years”, primary composer Ken Urban says about the album.

The past two years have been tough on everyone, and the band uses all of their frustration, anger, and passion into making the best music they’ve ever put out. From the emotional centerpiece, “The Remote Past Tense” to the experimental banger “Love Is Love (Until It’s Not)”, everything about this works because the band is incredibly vulnerable every second of the way.

Co-vocalist Cat Hollyer herself says “This is a hard album for us to listen to because we were so vulnerable in the lyrics, talking about stuff that we normally never do, whether it’s pain or failure or joy or sex. As we three have become closer, our lyrics have come to reflect that closeness.” The chemistry between everyone involved is so genuine that it can be heard and felt throughout the work.

Slow Violence is an immersive experience, composed of stunning tracks that are filled with the richest details. Occurrence knows better than most how to balance the experimental alongside the accessible, making an album that truly feels like a deep dive into each of the band’s members’ psyche.

They lay it all here, their hopes and fears and anger and loves and frustrations, for us to hear. It’s a bold album, that sets off in opposite directions from the start but somehow always finds its way to come together in the end as a cohesive statement. Occurrence has never sounded this exposed before, never this human. The most impressive part is that even amongst all of this, Slow Violence never sounds hopeless. It’s an album that reminds us of our own insecurities and humanity and makes us look up, go forward, and keep going.


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