Penelope Pettigrew celebrates bisexuality with a bursting positive new remix for “BiConic”

The Australian artist Penelope Pettigrew is back with a new release “BiConic (Mind Electric Remix Radio)”. Fresh and loaded to the brim with good feelings, gratitude, and optimism, Penelope dedicates the new remix to the Bi+ community.

Standing strong to the truth, striving for living as an authentic person, and full of endless love for the Bi+ community that welcomed the artist with open arms when she came out as openly bisexual, “BiConic” sets the room in a dancing motion. Opening with a line of empowering tone of realization “I didn’t know the power I could have”, this perfect party house remix features sparkly piano chords, Penelope’s anthemic vocals, and rises that stir up the excitement and good feelings to new heights.

Penelope Pettigrew "BiConic" 2
This is the second time the artist is on this blog, the previous one was with the release “Jelly” back on March 16th, 2022.

The single, remixed by an award-winning Dj Mind Electric, is named after the Sydney community BiCONIC Events, which has become a new home for Penelope, a home full of people just like her. Penelope also loves to go live to bring feel-good energy everywhere as she performs headlining shows as part of the BiCONIC Events as well as events celebrating pride. People who attended the recent Fair Day Mardi Gras and the FLOW event at Oxford Art Factory had a chance to see Penelope perform the “BiConic” single as a part of the set.

In a world that’s pretty keen on moving backwards whenever it gets the chance, Penelope Pettigrew brings a new focus on celebrating the Bi+ community and your authentic self. Embrace yourself for who you are and don’t let the haters and naysayers bring you down!

Listen Now to Penelope Pettigrew’s new single
“Biconic (Mind Electric Remix)” on Spotify.

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