Jeremy M “Gone Forever”

When the pandemic started and lockdowns spun everyone’s lives upside down, the long-term problems it was coming with were yet unknown. Hearing about the new entirely online studying program all students were put into, and knowing how badly it would’ve fit me, I am eternally grateful I was already out of school by that time. Online studying is so much harder than in-class studying, and compounded with complete lack of social activities, at some point life feels like it’s just staying at home and studying. Or, well, trying to study in order to not flunk out.
This is the story of Jeremy M’s new single.

The York-based young artist was one of the schoolkids who had to go through this era. Failing mental and physical health, trying his hardest to stay in school and having strained familiar relationships would take a huge toll on an adult person already, but Jeremy was a teen at the time. There was also a looming knowledge something was wrong with him, and once he fully understood he was ill, the young lad turned to music to spill out what’s inside. Thus, he began writing songs that would eventually become part of his debut EP.

“Gone Forever” is one of the first two songs he wrote after the realization. It’s a somber and introspective story opening a window to the artist’s teen years from his point of view, and eulogy of a kind for the childhood years lost to mental illness. Also infused with pondering thoughts whether it’s too late to even begin his musical path, “Gone Forever” is a hit straight in the soul. Driven by melancholic piano notes drenched in reverb, Jeremy’s vocals are serene and beautiful, clearly reflecting the past pains and the effects it still echos to this day.

“Due to the illness, I had developed, I missed the university application deadline so after my final year of school was over, I took a gap year. Unfortunately, I was too sick to do anything exciting, but as a reward for putting up with it all, my dad got me a laptop and for the first time I was able to experiment with the production of some of the songs I had been writing. During the rest of the year, I wrote the other two songs boys don’t cry and it’s not your fault. Since these came a year after the others, they have a different, more upbeat sound to them, and although they both explore the same topic as the others, they approach them at slightly different angle with a more sarcastic tone.

The tracks were all produced by myself in my bedroom and mixed and mastered by my younger brother as I wanted to keep this project close and personal, even if it impeded on the “quality” of the finished product. I’m excited for people to hear these songs and I hope that they can help anyone going through something similar to feel less alone than I did when I was figuring this all out :)”

Jeremy M

Gone Forever” is set to release on November 9th.


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