Sabrina Movitz’s debut EP How It Works Out is an epic start and a sliver of greatness

From Washington, DC, the lovely and loveable Sabrina Movitz makes her grand entrance with her debut EP How It Works Out and it’s an absolutely noteworthy start. Sabrina spent the last few years teaching herself how to produce her own music and put together a talented flock of queer women as her backing band for live performances and now she’s ready to take over the indie scene with an impressive debut.


The EP is made up of five tracks and a remix, including her stunning debut single “Coming Down” from last year. Over the course of the album, Sabrina Movitz shows an incredible amount of range and versatility even this early in her career. Her brand of bedroom pop falls somewhere between what we’ve heard from Clairo to Sara Bareilles, and it’s at times soothing and even kind of eerie in its atmosphere.

She kicks things off with the title track “How It Works Out” and in under one minute sets the tone of the entire thing. It’s an awe-inspiring opening track, featuring minimal production and impeccable vocal harmonies that remind me of how boygenius chose to open their debut album. From there on in, Sabrina experiments with production, instrumentation, and vocals in the most interesting of ways and everything stands out.

On her lyrical themes, she’s not afraid to feel big feelings and share them with us. She sings about lost romances and childhood, about perseverance, growing up, self-loathing, and anxiety. Even when the themes are delicate in their nature, she has a way of reeling you in and taking you alongside her experiences in the lightest of ways. There’s an incredible balance between what she’s singing about and the deliverance that never allows things to get too dark or too heavy, she sings like a friend who’s holding your hand over a cup of coffee and telling you stories about her life.

Sabrina Movitz "Hot It Works Out" press phto

“Crescendo” is the emotional centerpiece of the record, it’s a gorgeous acapella song featuring the same vocal harmonies from the first song and dealing with big feelings of loss and hope and moving forward. As she sings ‘I love you, but you will not tie me down. I love you, but I’ll be seeing you around‘, it’s cathartic. It’s putting yourself first and making a choice to do better for your own self. It’s powerful and it’s vulnerable and it gives you chills.

The greatness of “How It Works Out” comes from the exact sincerity found in the lyrics. On “Coming Down”, she delivers what might be the best verse on the entire EP: ‘seasons change, I do too, my love‘ over a light cacophony of guitars, synths, percussions, and vocal harmonies. It’s borderline epic and genius songwriting. The EP closes off with a “Crescendo” remix by Cade Margus featuring full instrumentation, and it works just as well as the acapella version. It turns the track into a Lorde song, and it’s so good.

Sabrina Movitz starts her career with an EP that sounds mature and complete, there’s nothing amateur about this. She blends and bends soundscapes and plays around with vocals and instrumentation in a way that keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish – and makes it look easy. This girl sure is the real thing, and we should expect even more greatness coming from her.


Sabrina Movitz "Hot it Works Out" press photo

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