"This EP, Heart in a Notebook was a crowdfunded album recorded at PlaidDog Recording in Boston, MA and is a handful of tunes that represent the versatility of my Songwriting. Down to the River is an origin song that tells about where I came from and who I am and how I deal with life. The single and title of the EP, Heart in a Notebook, is a first person perspective of my journey through heartbreak, breakup, and the struggle to move on. "

LÖNA “I Never Wanna See You Again”

"After we discovered Radiohead at about about 15, a lot changed. We both really felt like this music was something more than the pop music on the radio. It had something cold, something dark and unsolved. Discovering Radiohead was kinda the start of our own sound. We experimented a little for a while and eventually came to LÖNA. Which has a Scandinavian, and therefore cold and dark, sound to it (...)"

Mya Luv “Elevation of Luv”

"I have produced this EP in collaboration with my friend, who is also a musician and artist. We both used our complementary skills in order to produce both of our EPs. (...) By the end of 2020, I had already written many songs. I usually compose them on the guitar. And I was determined to release my first project, so I was actively looking for a producer to help me do that." Mya Luv

The Routine – “Under the circumstances”

"'Too Many Times' was essentially born out having an anger and frustration from being stuck in a dead-end situation for a long time. I guess there was also a feeling at the time of conception, there was also a lack of open avenues to openly express how I was feeling towards both individuals and the overall situation." The Routine

Aykiyah “ain’t got time”, “replace u”

Breaking the rules of creativity to find true artistic freedom, the newly debuted Aykiyah surpasses the limits of her own inventiveness and adds an extra flare to her two groovy singles, ‘replace u’ and ‘ain't got time’. Currently twenty years-old and living in Los Angeles, after moving there from Illinois, Chicago, Aykiyah is a singer-songwriter... Continue Reading →

Ghoul Talk “Magician”

Self-titled goblin rock Ghoul Talk released a multifaceted 3-song single, ‘Magician’, where she develops as an artist as she finally materializes her dreams within these songs. The Seattle-based artist Ghoul Talk is a songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist musician and performer named R.K King. Still going through her emo phase, King takes inspiration from horror film... Continue Reading →

Essosa “Dreamworld”

Young adult Essosa shows maturity and emotional depth in her debut EP, ‘Dreamworld’. Nineteen-year-old London-based Essosa is an old bedroom pop and alternative r'n'b singer, as well as a songwriter and dancer. The artist released her very first song at age seventeen; ‘The Retreat’ was a protest to call out and change the poor treatment... Continue Reading →

Echo & Bloom “The Particles That Made Us”

With the release of their first EP, ‘From The Particles That Made Us’, the duo Echo & Bloom continue pouring their passion into music, this time with a slightly celestial ambience as they focus on grand emotional resonances and universal experiences. Despite both of them being bedroom producers with a love for music, their musical... Continue Reading →

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