Using a DIY approach to his craft, Shredder makes use of vintage sounds such like synths, 808 drumbeats, and an 80's sound that's both fresh and surrounding. Keeping it minimal, he uses just a few instruments and a single laptop. His goal is to translate his musical adventures and to show that you don't need a big studio to make music that you love.

LÖNA “I Never Wanna See You Again”

"After we discovered Radiohead at about about 15, a lot changed. We both really felt like this music was something more than the pop music on the radio. It had something cold, something dark and unsolved. Discovering Radiohead was kinda the start of our own sound. We experimented a little for a while and eventually came to LÖNA. Which has a Scandinavian, and therefore cold and dark, sound to it (...)"

“Washing Machine” – “Perfect Misfits” EP

"Me and Mark go way back, but we never played in a band together, but we always talked about it since we both love noisy indie rock like Sonic Youth and bands like that. We met Sara when we needed a bass player for our other band Bring the Hoax. During Covid me, Mark and Sara started sending ideas to each other and soon we discovered that it worked out well and just like that we had 15 songs written and recorded.

Mya Luv “Elevation of Luv”

"I have produced this EP in collaboration with my friend, who is also a musician and artist. We both used our complementary skills in order to produce both of our EPs. (...) By the end of 2020, I had already written many songs. I usually compose them on the guitar. And I was determined to release my first project, so I was actively looking for a producer to help me do that." Mya Luv

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