Jean’s Hill explores the nighttime kelp-infused town in its beautiful debut EP “The Kelp Diaries”

The indie-instrumental alias Jean’s Hill has dropped his newest release just recently, on June 21st. Titled with references to the artists surrounding places, “The Kelp Diaries” is a 5-track storyteller EP with no narrator and lots of plentiful bustling atmospheres.


Jean’s Hill, the alias of South African artist Henry Cloete, is also the name of a mountain overlooking the town where the artist lives with his family. The alias is home to instrumental music, which provides a bit of a contrast with how words have always followed Henry from early childhood to his career as a journalist and then scriptwriter. The music of Jean’s Hill speaks of things with mystifying eloquence. describing what words might not even be able to capture as Henry discovered at some point whilst experimenting with music.

“After many years away from creating music and pursuing other career opportunities related to writing, I moved with my small family to a town called Kleinmond. It was here, amidst raw nature and weird-and-wonderful people and interactions, where he fell back in love with making music”.

Henry Cloete AKA Jean’s Hill
Jean's Hill "The Kelp Diaries" artwork

“‘The Kelp Diaries’ title is a reference to the masses of kelp that wash up on the beach and coastal paths in this town every day, especially after/during a storm.”

Henry Cloete AKA Jean’s Hill

Henry’s seaside hometown Kleinmond is featured on Jean’s Hill’s debut EP “The Kelp Diaries”. Written shortly after Henry moved into the town, the kelp-infused air surrounds the story of a traveler who had ended up spending the night in the town sheltering from the stormy weather. On the EP, this tale is divided into 5 little chapters with a total runtime of almost 17 minutes.

Naturally, the storm becomes the first chapter of the EP. “Caught in a Storm” surrounds the listener with fierce bold instrumentals depicting the storm’s raging force and all that gives in to the strong winds. Quieter moments change places with blasting chorus bits until eventually one of the quieter moments becomes the end of that and introduces the next track “Beetle”. Now nocturnal in mood, muted melodies contrast with the shimmery ones and are set on a slow freshly washed night.

Shimmering sounds take the central place in the near-magical “Eleanor”, which also speeds up a little as if the traveler has ended up in a little open-air venue open nightly hours. The high energy and pleasant mood slowly dissipate in the very late-night tune “Scatter”, at which point the streets are empty and laughter has faded away to give way to the oncoming morning. “Kind of Dawn” sees the traveler rejuvenated, bidding farewell to the town and getting ready to continue their path toward the morning sun. The high-spirited song marks a perfect end for this part of the traveler’s journey and to this EP.

Listen to the EP now on your favorite platform.

Jean's Hill "The Kelp Diaries" press photo 1


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