Marlene Larsen unleashes her powerful debut EP “Galore”

After the release of a spectacular debut single, “Galore” followed by the strong-willed second single “I Said I’m Fine“, Marlene Larsen is back to stun the audience with her debut EP. The release, also named “Galore” after the first single, is full of a whole lot of honesty to the point of bleeding lyricism, rowdy emotions, and angry self-built truth, all packed in an absolutely splendid combination of pop rock.

Among the chaos of living, or more like surviving as it feels these days, Marlene Larsen does not hesitate to pack a punch when singing about the things that trouble her. Her debut single yelled out the memorable question “Am I close to the real me?” through goosebump-inducing hazy rock affair, and it’s thrilling to learn that the rest of this freshly dropped EP is also full of emotionally hefty goodness. The foundation of this EP is honestly quite a lot of pain, but Marlene has taken the hurt and turned it into something very imposing.

Marlene Larsen "Galore" EP artwork

The EP starts off with “Birthday”. Considering that this song, along with the EP, is actually released on Marlene Larsen’s birthday, this song is full of potent energy as it takes a glance back to the time when there wasn’t much to rejoice. No more friends and bitter memories of past birthdays have shaped this into an introspective cinematic experience that openly admits the deep fears.

“I Said I’m Fine” continues the hypnotizing mood with lyrics that are built from a whole lot of complicated emotions on the basis of love. Marlene’s vocals are full of angst as she reveals the distress within, and the distorting haze of post-rock instrumentation soars up, heightening the hollowness of “I’m Fine”. The anxiety takes on a whole different shape in “Careful”, a song about searching for love through the fight with her fears. The atmospheric gentle song is a witness to resilience despite bitter past experiences.

“Galore”, the title track, follows to offer a huge dynamic blast. Moody rock atmosphere meets Marlene’s enchanting vocals. She does admit there’s magic in the air, and “Galore” becomes this insanely brooding battle between self-doubt and desire to become the Real Me. The last song, “Public Apology” is a letter addressing the angry friend-turned-enemy read out through the rather serene guitar melodies. The self-cleansing move forward from the past of being a villain to someone else is reinvigorating, if there’s any real way to describe the power embedded in this song.

“Galore” the EP is an incredible debut from this French artist. I could describe that release as much as I want, but the best way to feel what Marlene has to offer is just putting the album on to play. It is an experience and I mean it.

Listen to “Galore” now on your favorite platforms! The EP is also available for purchase in a beautifully designed CD format, which you can check out on her Bandcamp.


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