Your Best Nightmare releases a charming uplifting eponymous debut EP

Contending to the title of creative and humoring artist names, Your Best Nightmare is a bright-eyed musician from New Jersey, and Your Best Nightmare is also her debut EP that’s due to release on August 18th. While nightmares seem all harrowing and quite far from ‘best’, Your Best Nightmare brushes off the blinding terror and tells stories rooted in darkness embedded in surprisingly sweet bubbly alt-rock sound.


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Don’t let the sweet sound distract you too much though, as Your Best Nightmare, the stage name of Erin Porter, tackles her themes with brutal honesty, which occasionally will include curse words. Inspired by the dark side of human nature, crimes, love, and vampires, Porter’s stream of humorous and steel-spined songs started off with a song about an abysmal date with a really awful dude, who called her “Really Cute”. That debut single was soon followed by an upbeat song of love in the town of the dead, called “Ghost Town Love”.

The singles join 3 other songs on the “Your Best Nightmare” EP to form a full-bodied introduction to the world of passion-embedded crime, and it starts off with none other than vampires. Spinning and whirling along to melodies of intoxicating love, “Vampire Lover” is as if it comes from a party held on Valentine’s Day in the castle of Dracula. The flourishing vampirical love is followed by a rather certain lack of love in “Really Cute”, which oversees the events of a date with a man whose charming appearance gets tainted the more she witnesses him arguing with workers of the locations they’re at.

I have synesthesia, which is really fun.  Music has always painted really vibrant pictures in my mind as a listener and a performer.  Writing music was no different in that regard.  Once I wrote “Really Cute” and “Eyeliner” I realized I had the middle of a story my brain was quickly putting together and I could see where the story would start and where the story would end. 

Erin Porter AKA Your Best Nightmare

“Eyeliner” is a story of cold-blooded homicide, and it’s probably not too far-fetched to assume it’s following the events of “Really Cute”. Especially since the gunned down person is considered to be a ‘piece of sh!t’. The following song, “Paint The Town Red”, is a cheerful, careless story of two people that never quite fit in with the rest of the town. The two square pegs with razor-sharp edges do not let the round holes bother them too much and they go out to a dance. A very red one.

I’ve been a fan of horror since I was a kid, and telling a little horror story felt right.  I’d been listening to a lot of music that felt like falling in love and was more in the red and purple family when I was writing.  The EP has some of those same feelings and colors for me.

Erin Porter

In an abandoned town where everyone else has either left or died (see previous track), romance flourishes. “Ghost Town Love” is a song of such love that’s filling the empty vacant space with warm happiness and makes for a solid ending for the EP of Blood-smeared Love.

If you enjoy light-hearted terror, crime, guitars, female vocals, and a blend of bubblegum, folk, and punk, do not miss out on “Your Best Nightmare”!

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Expect a ukulele for sure!  That’s my calling card.  But also expect lyrics that might make you stop and think, or giggle a little because you too might have thought about feeding a lousy dude to a vampire.

Erin Porter

Listen to the EP today!


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