Shane Rennison’s “Nice to Meet You” EP is a stunning introduction and diverse collection of songs

Shane Rennison is a New Yorker who’s just released a brand new EP properly titled Nice to Meet You, after three amazing singles last year. For the singer and songwriter, this EP serves as a proper introduction to his solo work and it’s an incredible run of five stunning tracks, serving some of the best indie pop out there right now.


The opening track, “Cold Winter”, sets the tone beautifully: it’s an upbeat indie ballad infused with both classic rock and electronica influences. Led by a piano that seems to be constantly grasping your attention, the song feels modern and Shane’s vocals sound absolutely confident. The lyrics tell the tale of rekindling an old crush after some time has passed, with a new sense of maturity and perspective. Incredibly well-written, the song leaves you with the feeling that maybe things are possible and different this time.

The overall themes approached by Shane Rennison on the EP are the complicated interpersonal relationships, explored from an impressive variety of angles. Right on “Ghost”, the second track, things shift a bit and the synths explode in a perfect rendition of a The 1975 song, as Shane sings about “trying to deal with the -emotions when a person you really cared about all of a sudden starts treating you differently”, as the singer himself points out. The feeling of being ghosted is never a fun one, but this song is. The production is dynamic and ever-changing, making the final result one that is truly admirable.


Shane told us that it was really important for him that the EP told a cohesive story, meant to be listened to as a whole.

“It was a coordinated effort to create a realm for the listener. I’m a huge fan of classic rock and roll and what I felt was missing from modern music is the intention for the project to be consumed from start to finish. I wanted the EP to tell a complete story from “COLD WINTER” all the way on to “TEMPTATIONS”. The 5 song EP is meant to be viewed and consumed as one complete idea, from beginning to end”.

Shane Rennison

And it really shows as you flow along the EP; the tracks speak to each other perfectly and the transitions both musical and thematic are absolutely seamless throughout the tracks. By the time you reach “Another Chance”, the middle point of the EP, you’re already hooked in and sitting at the edge of your seat anticipating what could come next. The third track is a heartfelt emotional song about missing someone you once loved and now is no longer in the picture. It’s beautifully sung over a sea of arpeggiated synths and a restless piano that ties everything together and sets the mood perfectly for the two final tracks.

“Drunk”, the shortest song on the project, is a pop song that dives into themes of insecurity and explores a 90s indie rock kind of sound – in the veins of artists like Beck and Guided by Voices. Its gorgeous arrangements and upbeat tempo might try to trick you, but it sounds almost heartbreaking. Nice to Meet You concludes with the Harry Styles-infused pop ballad “Temptations” and it does a wonderful job of ending the EP on a high note; it’s a feel-good love story in which everything is fine and beautiful.

Shane Rennison delivers this beautifully crafted EP, telling stories and exploring sounds in the best possible way. Written mostly in his home in the Catskill Mountains in New York, the artist says that it is the place in which he made most of the memories that spark his music. “I can just take my guitar and go into the woods and hear nothing but birds. You can hear yourself think. You can feel yourself breathe”, he says about the Catskills. You can definitely feel this sense of calmness that comes from being surrounded by beautiful nature in his compositions, and it’s a big part of why this sounds so intimate and intricate.

Unafraid of showing vulnerability and real human emotions, Shane wrote this EP from the heart and it really sounds like it. “These songs are truly a reflection of my spiritual connection to the unconditional love of the universe”, Shane says about his music. And nothing else needs to be said, just listened to.


Shane Rennison "Nice To Meet You" EP press photo
“For people who have never heard my music before, regardless of whether or not they like it, I hope they can respect the intention for which each track is created. My team and I don’t shortcut any part of the process and we give ourselves completely to the creative process.” Shane Rennison


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