A/V CLvB debut EP “Dumbwaiters To Die For”

Plymouth Alt-Rock band, A/V CLvB, shares their fantastic debut EP “Dumbwaiters To Die For”. A collection of six emotionally raw tracks with Emo and Indie qualities inspired by the 00s. For fans of My Chemical Romance, Placebo, Smashing Pumpkins. Out now!


A/V CLvB is a young band from the USA created by Avery, Braeden, Noah, and Cameron. Four young musicians with a wide range of influences that go from bedroom pop, alt-emo, and shoegaze, to even heavier stuff like grunge and alt-rock. Together they’ve created their first EP ever and it cuts deep with dives its garage rock anthems and alt-rock melodies. It is definitely a must-hear for any fan of the genre.

“Dumbwaiters To Die For” is an EP with a very Garage sound, which is what makes it so unique and appealing. The kind of songs it includes takes us back to an era where Indie and Emo were king, with bands like Simple Plan, Bright Eyes, MCR, etc. It is a sonic statement with deeply personal lyrics which we all can relate to.

A/V CLVB press photo "Dumbwaiters to die for"

With a teen spirit, tracks like “Tell Me I’m Still Alive!”, and their previously released singles “Cellar Door”, “A Dark Forest Hypothesis” and “artisan bread.”, explode with a deep sense of longing, for lost love, and a bit of despair. Channeling everything from rage to sadness, these tracks feel like a low roar, a kind cry for help, and a beautiful expression of emotions.

The last two tracks “How To Kill An Ostrich” and “I Know You Want My Life” end the EP so beautifully, with a tender voice and a powerful commitment to the music that warms the ears, as well as the soul. In resume, “Dumbwaiter To Die For” is a short sprint that leaves us speechless, a collection of songs to both bang around with your hair loose, and to slow dance in a dark room.



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