PACKETLOSS gives us punk versatility on debut EP “Disconnected”

It’s always exciting to introduce a band, and this time I’m going to dive into the first EP from Irish/Scottish punk rock trio Packetloss, Disconnected. The band started playing together online and haven’t yet met up in person for an actual performance of the songs, but you could never tell any of that just by listening to their debut EP.



Disconnected is made up of four tracks, that perfectly encapsulate what the band is attempting to do and show us an actual wide variety of soundscapes. The punk rock might be their footing, but across the EP we get hits of metal, surf rock, indie, and emo that work very well together. And it is great to know that this EP is actually just the beginning of the band!

“The EP wasn’t going to be an EP, to begin with, we have 14 songs written and nearly fully recorded. We are going through the mixing process with 10 of them and hope to have them out soon. We are going to release the songs in batches of 4 songs a piece, before we release a full album with all of the “volumes” and a few extra bonus songs”


Disconnected (Vol #1) kicks things off with the title track, a song written about our reliance on technology and what could happen if the internet would someday just shut off for good. An interesting topic, especially coming from a band that relies heavily on it to make music, and the sounds of it are just pure 90s melodic punk. Acts like Lagwagon and Millencolin come to mind, and it feels like a breath of fresh air in 2023.

“The songs were created by Jamie Tees (lead singer / guitarist) who brought his current and past events to his songs.”

And already on the second track, “Break the Chain”, the band shifts everything and delivers us their take on a metal song. And a great one, indeed. It sounds very DIY and that is exactly what makes the track so compelling. Written about current world issues and how to deal with them, it has a sense of urgency that feels genuine – it begs us to do something, break the cycle, or otherwise nothing will ever function properly.

Packetloss "Disconnected" Vol. 1 logo

The last two tracks, “Unrelaxed” and “Shards”, go back to their 90s punk premise but still keep adding new stuff on top of it. “Unrelaxed” goes full-on indie rock, and it feels like Mat Mike singing over a Built to Spill instrumentation – it has such a great dynamic between the verses and the chorus, with gentle guitar lines and a steady bass that grounds it all.

The way it segues into the final track, “Shards”, also works really well as the songs seem to be somewhat related in thematics. Both tracks deal with personal problems, such as lack of sleep and physical trauma. “Shards” keeps up with the same dynamics that started in “Unrelaxed”, betting on slower tempos and a very interesting structure. It has a vulnerability to it that also helps to sell it as the best possible way to close their debut EP.

“Shards was created as a half-joke in the band because he actually did stand on a shard of glass, as well as kicking a baby gate with the same foot which caused him to lose the ability to properly walk/drive and this caused a lot of emotion.”

Disconnected (Vol #1) is an amazing introduction to Packetloss, giving us four very different tracks that work together as a cohesive EP. It shows that this band really has something to say, and can change their indie-punk in a lot of different ways while still keeping things fresh and interesting. An excellent debut, for sure!

“We are going to release the songs in batches of 4 songs a piece, before we release a full album with all of the “volumes” and a few extra bonus songs.”


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